Hair loss “ghost shaved head” don’t panic, Chinese medicine practitioners teach you to face alopecia areata correctly

Because of life, diet, stress, mental state, etc.< /p>

Hair loss is getting younger and younger< /p>

It has become a major problem for contemporary young people

Even “post-00s” can’t escape

50% of them have hair loss after 00

The problem of hair loss has obviously crossed age, gender, occupation, income…< /span>

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There is nothing scarier than dreaming about being bald !

“Alopecia areata”, commonly known as “ghost Shaved head”

is the kind of hand-raised Touch, a piece of smooth

According to statistics, about 1.7%~2.0% of the population will experience alopecia areata in their lifetime, most of the patients are young, and both men and women may suffer from it. At present, the etiology and mechanism of alopecia areata are not yet clear, and it may be related to psychological, autoimmune and genetic factors.

Often inadvertently, or after being reminded by the barber, I exclaimed that my scalp was bald, as if an alien quietly visited the wheat field painting Make a circle. This is alopecia areata, also known as alopecia areata, commonly known as “ghost shaved head”, is a chronic, easily relapsing and immune-related inflammatory disease.

Alopecia areata is a non-scarring hair loss caused by attacking hair follicles in the growth period. In severe cases, several of them may even merge into one piece, or the entire scalp or body hair may be lost.

The mechanism of alopecia areata is not fully understood. It may be immune disorders, but also genetic susceptibility, infection, drugs, vaccines, stress, nutrition and other factors. Although about 50% of patients with alopecia areata will slowly recover within 1 year, most of them will occur more than once, and about 10% will progress to full scalp or body hair loss.

Modern medicine focuses on immune inflammation, using anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressing methods for treatment, such as steroids The use of Chinese medicine; Chinese medicine also has treatment principles.

There is a similar description in the classics of traditional Chinese medicine “Surgery Authentic – Oil Wind”: “It is due to blood deficiency that cannot nourish the skin with Qi, so the hair roots are empty and fall off into flakes. Bright, itchy like insects, all of which are caused by wind and heat taking advantage of the deficiency.”

Two factors are emphasized in the classics,one is blood deficiency, the other is deficiency; And the other is wind-heat, which is evil.

In addition to blood, hair needs Yin blood to nourish, and Yin blood to the scalp depends on Qi. Why is Yin blood depleted and insufficient? Why is Qi and blood poorly transported and wind evil? Through traditional Chinese medicine , The combination of four diagnostic methods can obtain the information of body qi and blood, so that thousands of years of rich traditional Chinese medicine can be used to regulate the body, nourish blood, nourish yin, moisten dryness, replenish qi, tonify kidney, activate blood, and dispel wind… According to each Treatment is based on the diagnosis of patients after “examination of causes and syndromes”.

Genes and family history are hard to change, but physical strength, immunity, and self-healing ability can be controlled by themselves. Life can pay attention to:

Balanced nutrition:

Protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. They are all nutrients needed by hair, and can be properly ingested from various vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, fish, meat, and nuts. Especially women of childbearing age will have menstrual blood loss every month, and Yin blood is easy to be consumed. If there is schoolwork, Work or family needs hard work, nutrition consumption is faster, and the demand may be higher. If it is not supplemented in time, it is easy to cause dry scalp, dry hair, bifurcation, thinning and hair loss.

Of course Nutrition is not just big fish and big meat. Excessive oil can easily make the scalp oily and breed bacteria, which can make the scalp inflamed and hair roots unstable. The diet should be light, less spicy and deep-fried, stir-fried, stewed, and steamed are the most suitable.

Get enough sleep:

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that 11:00 to 3:00 in the evening is the time when the meridian flows to the liver and gallbladder meridian, and sleep at this time is the best time to nourish the liver. In addition, “the blood returns to the liver when lying down”, if you feel When you are tired, you should take a short rest, but we often should not rest , Just like continuing to ride when the car is out of gas, our spare oil will be used, which will consume Qi, blood and liver and kidney yin, resulting in “strain injury”.

In addition, the explosion of modern electronic products and information increases the time we spend online , “Prolonged vision hurts the blood”, not only the eyesight is hurt, but also the liver yin and liver blood, so when the eyes are tired, remember to close your eyes and rest your mind.

Why do you pay so much attention to liver yin and liver blood? Because the liver helps the circulation of qi in the body, if the liver yin is insufficient, not only the operation of the body qi will be abnormal, but the liver yin blood and yang will be insufficient, which will easily turn heat and cause fire, such as hyperactivity of yin and yang, and inflammation caused by deficiency of fire.

Studies have pointed out that long-term sleep deprivation (staying up late) will increase the precursor substances of inflammation, which is the manifestation of “turning heat into fire”. In short, sleep is the least expensive way to nourish qi and nourish yin. The rhythm of sleep is stable, and the yin and yang are secret, so the immunity will be stable.

Timely stress relief:

Due to severe psychological and emotional stress may be the cause of the attack One of the causes of alopecia areata, so it is necessary to relieve stress in a timely manner. When you feel anxious, nervous, irritable and irritable, take a few deep breaths, do stretching exercises, and even leave the current environment. Regular exercise can improve your ability to cope with stress.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about “anger makes the qi go up, joy makes the qi slow, sadness makes the qi disappear, fear makes the qi go down, fright makes the qi disordered, and thinking makes the qi stagnant.” and “Anger hurts the liver, happiness hurts sadness, thinking hurts the spleen, sadness hurts the lungs, and fear hurts the kidneys.” Knowing that excessive emotional reactions will affect the circulation of Qi and blood in the body and damage the functions of viscera, therefore, maintaining a peaceful mood and learning a positive attitude towards people and things is also a goal to work hard on.

Finally, I want to remind you that if you suddenly find alopecia areata, don’t panic If you are looking for remedies, you should seek help from a group of professional physicians, lest the scalp be damaged a second time before it improves, and the loss outweighs the gain!