Sitting in the confinement: old traditions have new emphasis

The traditional customs of confinement are very particular. In today’s urban living environment, among the older generation and new women, old and new ideas are often in conflict. But even in the new era and under the new situation, confinement is still necessary. Combined with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, due to the loss of qi and blood after giving birth, women will experience excessive deficiency and blood stasis, and endless lochia. New mothers do need a certain period of recuperation. There are five taboos during confinement.

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1. Keep warm, but do not take more baths

Since pregnancy, the organs of the whole body of a woman have undergone great changes. The situation before pregnancy generally takes 6 to 8 weeks, which is what we commonly call “confinement”. Try not to bathe during this period to keep the body warm, which can reduce the blood stasis; frequent bathing may make the mother catch cold, because the pores, pelvis, and bones are all open after delivery, and they need to retract slowly. It is easy for wind and cold and moisture to enter the body.

Second, light diet, not too much tonic

The spleen and stomach function of a woman is very weak after giving birth, Postpartum loss of qi and blood, internal organs are also very weak. The dietary taboos of confinement are the same as menstrual period. For the first three days, you can only eat light food, let alone cold food. For example, porridge, white rice, noodles in clear soup and other digestible foods, when drinking chicken soup, you should also skim off the oil. “Da Sheng Bian” said, “(Postpartum) Do not eat pork within ten days, and do not eat lard within one month. It blocks the meridians and makes the blood stagnant.”

There are often mothers who seek medical advice because they have no milk. Most of them use trotter soup and fish soup to promote lactation after giving birth. As a result, the spleen and stomach are blocked, the moisture is heavy, and they cannot absorb it. How can they have milk? Eating a lot of greasy and high-protein food after childbirth can easily lead to postpartum depression, meridian blockage, and milk retention. Eating some badly digested food will also consume your own blood for no reason. In the Wuzhong area in ancient times, women ate vegetarian food after giving birth, just to prevent too much energy and blood from being consumed. Some parturients usually eat vegetarian or very light food, but eat a lot of meat to supplement nutrition after giving birth, because the spleen and stomach are not adapted to it, which will lead to illness. Eating too spicy and salty food after childbirth will also harm the blood of the mother and reduce milk production. Some women experience postpartum depression, which has a lot to do with the loss of qi and blood and blockage of blood stasis.

Third, take a good rest and don’t move around

During the confinement period, take a good rest and Maintain a good sleep and mood, and don’t run around or jump around at will. Some mothers go out a few days after giving birth. There are air conditioners in cars, trains, and planes.

4. Exercise moderately and do not use your eyes for a long time

You can exercise moderately after giving birth, but not in large quantities sports. Postpartum weight loss is popular now. During the organ recovery period of 6 to 8 weeks, puerperas can gradually and slowly do a little weight loss exercise. It should not be too violent or too frequent, otherwise it will cause harm to the body.

During the confinement period, do not watch TV, read books or play computer or mobile phone for a long time. The so-called long-term vision damages the blood, especially those with weak Qi and blood, and it is necessary to prevent the root cause of the disease.

5. Mild temper, but early intercourse

It is easy for many women to ignore this point. Mothers must be calm and not angry during breastfeeding. Li Shizhen said: “Human milk is indeterminate. If a person is peaceful and eats a dilute diet, his milk must be flat. If a person is irritable, drinks alcohol and food, or has a fire disease, his milk must be hot.” It seems that whether milk is beneficial or harmful, It’s all about the mother. If the temper is mild, the diet is light, the milk is also good; on the contrary, if the temper is violent, the food and drink are spicy, or there are diseases such as getting angry, the milk will be hot. Such breast milk will also cause fever or other problems after the baby eats it. Being a mother is a very sacred duty that should never be taken lightly.

It is especially important to note that “A Thousand Gold Prescriptions” says: “Anyone who has been born for a hundred days can be reunited. Be careful. Every woman suffers from wind-qi, and the navel is weak and cold, so she must have intercourse early.” Most women nowadays have weak qi and blood, and they must be strictly guarded. It is absolutely impossible to have intercourse within a hundred days after giving birth, otherwise it will cause The body is always sick. Many women don’t know where the disease comes from, and they often don’t know the teachings of the ancients. They are ignorant all their lives and do a lot of harm.

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