Zhangjiajie welcomes the first day of the 11th Provincial Paralympic Games

On November 24, on the first day of the 11th Hunan Provincial Paralympic Games, the delegation of our city won four golds, fourteen silvers and five bronzes in swimming, track and field, shooting, judo and other events.

In the morning of the same day, in the men’s S9 400-meter freestyle event, Hu Yongjun fought bravely with the belief that he must win, and finally won the first gold medal for the delegation of our city with a time of 6 minutes 13 seconds 45 . Yu Chunxiu, who was also in the swimming competition, also performed well, winning the S14 women’s 400m freestyle championship and the S8 women’s 50m freestyle runner-up.

In addition, the “post-00s” teenager Wang Wenjing, who has won multiple medals in provincial and municipal blind judo events, defied strong enemies and worked tenaciously to win the -78 kg women’s blind judo championship; Xiang Ya, a veteran of multiple triathlon champions in the Provincial Paralympic Games, played steadily and won the gold medal in the F57 women’s discus event with absolute advantage. In the shooting event, Wang Xinxin, Deng Minghui and Liao Hongying won 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

[Source: Zhangjiajie People’s Government Network]

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