Sleep will reflect physical health problems. If these 5 situations occur, we must pay attention to them and adjust them in time

Sleep plays an important role in human health, and one-third of life is spent in sleep.

For many people who stay up late and work overtime, they do not have enough sleep time. If things go on like this, some organs of the body will become diseased.

Sufficient sleep can not only restore the physical strength consumed in the day, but also repair the internal organs.

Sleep, as a normal physiological phenomenon, can reflect health problems. If the following five situations occur, you should be vigilant. This is a signal from the body.

How to see physical diseases through sleep state?

1. Hugging things while sleeping

Most people like to hug dolls or sleep on their stomachs when sleeping. People who are used to it will experience heart palpitations and chest tightness.

This kind of people must eat more fruits such as apples and cherries, often perform moxibustion on acupuncture points, wash the roasted licorice and cinnamon, put them in a cup, and make tea.

2. Talking or grinding your teeth while sleeping

Many people have the habit of grinding their teeth or talking in sleep while sleeping, which shows that a person’s heart meridian is hot, In fact, as long as you learn how to nourish the heart, the heat in the heart meridian will improve. If you don’t treat it in time, you will suffer from physical weakness or sleepwalking;

When the heart does not have enough body fluid to nourish it, yellow urine will also appear and upset, such people must drink plenty of hot water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

3. Snoring while sleeping

Snoring while sleeping is a common phenomenon. The main reason for snoring is that the body does not have enough body fluid and the nose does not get The nourishment of body fluid, so there is the situation of snoring.

The main part of the circulation of the liver meridian of Foot Jueyin is the nose. When the liver and gallbladder meridian is abnormal, people will snore. Everyone must be aware of the damage to the spleen and stomach; usually, you can massage Yanglingquan and Taichong points under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine.

4. Hands and feet close together

Cold hands and feet are a common problem for many people. People with cold hands and feet can’t warm up even if they wrap their quilt tightly, and they always feel cold hands and feet.

Because the body is cold, the body will be curled up unconsciously when sleeping at night. If you want to improve this situation, you can drink ginger, brown sugar and jujube water to boost your yang energy.

5. Easy to wake up and frequent nocturnal urination

Some people sleep lightly and always get up from 1 to 3 in the morning to go to the bathroom. The main cause of the situation is liver and kidney lesions. When you sleep with the above conditions;

Be sure to go to the hospital for relevant examinations in time. Note: Do not drink more water before going to bed, because after drinking too much water, Frequent urination will affect the quality of sleep.

When the above problems occur, you must pay attention to them and go to the hospital for examination in time. Before going to bed, you must relax and adjust your mentality, and don’t let your emotions be too tense.

You can use soothing light music to help you before going to bed When going to sleep, try not to drink coffee or tea after eight or nine o’clock in the evening, unless you are staying up late and working overtime. Coffee and tea have a refreshing effect and seriously affect our sleep quality.

Cultivate a good Living habits, try not to look at mobile phones and computers at night. Checking mobile phones in the early morning is less harmful than looking at mobile phones at night, and it does not affect sleep.