How to practice full buttocks? 5 actions to strengthen the gluteal muscles and enhance the charm of curves

Whether you are a boy or a girl, you all like a girl’s buttocks. A full buttocks means a good body curve, which can make you look better in pants and skirts, and your charm index will soar.

However, full buttocks require acquired efforts, with age, the muscles will show a tendency to lose, and the tight buttocks will gradually flatten and sag.

If you sit for a long time and lack of exercise, the gluteal muscles will degenerate faster, the fat in the buttocks will take the opportunity to accumulate, and the buttocks will become fat, bloated, or even sagging , the back will look like an aunt.

If your body fat percentage exceeds the standard and you are obese, you also need to add aerobic exercise, such as jogging, rope skipping, aerobics and other exercises to brush fat, so as to reduce excess body fat and bid farewell to obesity hip.

If you want to keep a girl’s full buttocks, you must strengthen your buttocks strength training to strengthen your buttocks. The development of the gluteal muscles can effectively improve the hip line and hip circumference, improve the problem of flat and sagging buttocks, the legs will look longer visually, and the waistline will look thinner.

Insisting on hip strength training can also improve back pain, help you strengthen your pelvis, stabilize your hip joints, and effectively improve your health index.

How to start hip strength training? The golden action for training the buttocks is squats, but squats alone are far from enough. We can add lunge squats, hip bridges, kicks after kneeling and other actions to exercise the gluteus maximus and buttocks in an all-round way. The middle muscles and gluteus minimus can improve the exercise effect and create a satisfactory buttocks.

Novices don’t need to pursue heavy loads when training buttocks, You can choose low-weight dumbbells or carry out bodyweight training to achieve a certain exercise effect. Persist for a period of time before increasing the weight-bearing level, which can prevent the development of the gluteal muscles from falling into a bottleneck period.

It should be noted that butt training is anaerobic exercise, which is different from aerobic exercise. You don’t need to exercise every day, just keep exercising once every 2-3 days. Combining muscles can develop more efficiently.

Finally, share a set of butt training exercises suitable for home training, stick to it for more than 2 months, let you feel the changes in your body.

Movement 1: Kneeling sideways knee lift

In the prone and kneeling position, straighten the back muscles, then lift one leg to the side, pause for a while at the peak state, and then return to the original position, perform 15 times on each side, repeat 3 groups.

Action 2: After kneeling Leg lift

In a prone and kneeling position, straighten the back muscles, lift one leg and kick into the air, Perform 15 reps on each side for 3 sets.

Action 3: Weight-bearing hip push

Supine state, up Lean back on the stool, sink the hips, then place the barbell or dumbbell on the hips, lift the hips with force, let the shoulders, hips, and thighs be on the same line, pause for a while, then return to the original position, and perform 15 times. Repeat for 4 sets.

Action 4: Squat with heavy weight Sagging, pay attention not to buckle in the knees, keep the same direction as the toes, squat the buttocks to the calf position, and then slowly return to the standing position, repeat the action 15 times, and perform 4 groups.

Action 5: Kettlebell pull

Stand with your feet wide apart, tighten your core muscles, hold the kettlebell with both hands, then bend your hips and let the kettlebell Vertically down, the legs slowly change from straight legs to knees, and after the kettlebell is close to the ground, slowly pull it up to the chest position. Action repeated 15 times, for 4 groups.