When the yellow complexion occurs, take these 4 methods to recuperate, which may help you improve

In daily life, many people will have a yellow complexion, especially for those who have been working in front of the computer for a long time, or who are weak in constitution, and suffer from For women with some chronic diseases, this is easy to happen. Once the yellow complexion occurs, it will seriously affect the person’s external image.

So many people want to know, what should be done to effectively improve the yellow complexion when the complexion appears yellow.

1. See a doctor and give symptomatic treatment

There are many reasons for the yellow complexion. For people with anemia Speaking, there will be a yellowish complexion.

Because of the red blood cells in the peripheral blood are greatly reduced, the oxygen supply of various organs will be affected, and the skin of >Blood supply and oxygen supply will also be abnormal, resulting in pale complexion, chlorosis, decreased skin elasticity, prone to wrinkles and pigmentation.

In addition, if Stagnation of Liver Qi or Insufficiency of Qi and Blood, the blood supply to various organs will be affected, resulting in a decline in organ function .


Second, Traditional Chinese Medicine Conditioning

When the face turns yellow, you can properly treat it under the guidance of a doctor Take some traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning. For example, for anemia or insufficient Qi and blood people, take some Ejiao Oral Liquid appropriately.

If weakness of the spleen and stomach occurs, you can take some Ginseng Guipi Pills appropriately. If kidney deficiency occurs, you can take some Liuwei Dihuang Wan for conditioning.

You can also use traditional Chinese medicines such as Astragalus, ginseng, wolfberry, longan, red dates, yam, Atractylodes macrocephala and boil some decoctions, which can regulate qi and blood , Improve the effect of yellow complexion.

Third, Diet conditioning

No matter what kind of factors cause the yellow complexion, you must not eat some cold food

strong>. Otherwise, it will cause Poor Qi and blood, resulting in aggravated yellow complexion. Do not eat some spicy, greasy, indigestible foods, and reduce the intake of sweets.

These foods will affect metabolic function, leading to aggravation of symptoms such as yellow complexion. Should eat more plant-basedfood, such as all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and beans, whole grains, etc.

These foods can improve digestion, and promote the rapid excretion of some lipids and metabolites in the body. You should also add some vitality-invigorating foods, such as black-bone chicken, mutton, wolfberry, longan, jujube, etc.

For people who have been working in front of the computer for a long time, Due to the long-term radiation of the computer, it is easy to have skin yellowing and wrinkles and spots easily.

Then, you can drink some light green tea, chrysanthemum tea, cassia tea, wolfberry tea, hawthorn tea, rose tea, etc. appropriately. It can not only improve skin tone, but also have anti-radiation and anti-oxidation effects.

Not only has the effect of sedation, tranquilization, and sleep promotion, some nutrients contained in it can also accelerate the metabolism of the skin, so as to improve the yellowish complexion role.