Sichuan tourists stay in Sanya: there is no problem with food and accommodation, and the return air ticket price doubles

Cover reporter Liu Qiufeng

From 6 am on August 6, 2022, Sanya City, Hainan Province will implement temporary global static management. He Shigang, deputy mayor of the Sanya Municipal Government in Hainan Province, said in an interview that it is estimated that more than 80,000 tourists will stay in Sanya.

Ms. Liu from Zigong City, Sichuan Province is one of the stranded tourists. She told reporters that she came to Sanya on August 3 and planned to return to Chengdu on the morning of the 7th. After adjusting the flight several times, she currently booked a flight from Sanya to Yibin on the morning of the 14th.

“Compared with the previous price, the air ticket price has doubled.” Ms. Liu told reporters that she spent more than 3,000 yuan to book two air tickets. In the past, the cheapest air ticket from Sanya to Yibin was as low as 400 yuan, and a little more expensive was 800 or 900 yuan.

In terms of hotels, Ms. Liu told reporters that she had stayed for three more days. According to a news conference held in Sanya City on the afternoon of August 6, Sanya Hotel provides half-price discounted renewal services for stranded tourists. Tourists can leave the island after completing the 7-day risk investigation and evaluation.

“The hotel agreed to give half-price discounts.” Ms. Liu told reporters that at present, whether it is accommodation or meals, it is relatively normal.

How do tourists stranded in Sanya spend the sudden holiday extension? Ms. Liu said that it is necessary to show the optimistic attitude of Sichuan people, “I also thought about asking everyone to play mahjong to kill time, but the chess and card rooms are closed.”

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