Whether you can win in the world depends on how well you hold up. In times of crisis, hold on and you will win

Only by stepping up to the game and daring to take on the responsibility will there be hope for success.

Most people will be discouraged when they fail, but the extraordinary thing about successful people is that they can adjust their mentality in time, see Moving from good to good can transform “repeated defeats and repeated defeats” into “repeated defeats and repeated battles”. Only by not bowing your head when encountering hardships and facing them with “perseverance” can the situation be reversed.

The success of Zeng Guofan’s life is due to the word “perseverance”. In the words of Liang Qichao: “If Zeng Guofan’s will and patience are slightly insufficient, he will undoubtedly be a failure in his life.”

Zeng Guofan He once warned his subordinates: Whether you can win in the world depends on whether you can stand up. “Tough” here refers to persevering in times of crisis.

The days when Zeng Guofan led troops in Jiangxi were the most difficult. Because the imperial court was worried that he was too powerful, he had been unwilling to delegate power to him, so he had no real power and no strength. At this time, it was through perseverance that Zeng Guofan made a career in such a difficult situation.

Under the command of Shi Dakai, the Taiping Army launched a fierce offensive in Jiangxi. There are a total of 13 prefectures in Jiangxi, and the Taiping Army captured 8 prefectures and 54 counties . Zeng Guofan was trapped in Nanchang and Nankang. Under the strict blockade of the Taiping Army, not only was it difficult to communicate with newspapers, but even family letters. , embarrassing like a prisoner.”

Zeng Guofan was in a precarious situation, but he did not abandon the city and surrender. In the battle to attack the Jiangnan camp, Zeng Guofan escaped by luck.

In the fourth year of Xianfeng (1854 AD), the Taiping Army The Hunan Army was defeated in Jinggang, Hunan, and almost the entire Hunan Army was destroyed. At the beginning, Zeng Guofan once criticized the incompetence of the Green Army, but now the Hunan Army he formed was also defeated. He suddenly felt that he was “ashamed to see Jiangdong’s elders”, and he was disheartened.

For a while, the city was full of ups and downs, and there were many discussions about it in the officialdom and society. Some people advocate the impeachment of Zeng Guofan and the withdrawal of the Hunan Army. Facing the pressure, Zeng Guofan felt like sitting on pins and needles.

At this time, his father Zeng Linshu wrote a letter, teaching him that he should “forget private affairs in public affairs, and forget family in the country”. Given the current situation, we can only move forward, never retreat.

Zeng Guofan was already full of patience, but his father’s encouragement made him courageous again, and immediately asked his staff to draft a memorial to report to the emperor The battle between the Hunan Army and the Taiping Army.

The staff described in detail the successive defeats in Yuezhou and other places, and wrote the sentence “repeated defeats”. Zeng Guofan took over the pen and changed “repeatedly defeated and repeatedly defeated” to “repeatedly defeated and repeatedly fought”, so the often defeated will suddenly become “the general who is not afraid of defeat”. This allusion has been widely spread in the world.

It is said that after reading the memorial, Emperor Xianfeng was very satisfied with Zeng Guofan’s defeat and continued to fight, so he reinvigorated him and continued to fight.

In the fifth year of Xianfeng (1855 A.D.), Zeng Guofan Ding Youfu was awarded the right servant of the Ministry of War, but he still did not have the title of imperial envoy. He still despised him, refused to pay, and was excluded and made things difficult by magistrates everywhere.

At the end of the sixth year of Xianfeng (AD 1856), Jiangxi governor Wen Jun used military pay as bait to force Bi Jinke, an extremely brave general in the Hunan Army, to Leading more than a thousand Hunan troops who were hungry and tired, they broke through Jingdezhen, which was heavily guarded by the Taiping Army. As a result, Bi Jinke’s entire army was annihilated and died under the city of Jingdezhen.

Four years later, Zeng Guofan led his troops to capture Jingdezhen, erected a monument to commemorate the place where Bi Jinke died in battle, and personally wrote an inscription to mourn his death in the battle General.

Zeng Guofan once wanted to quit, he thought: Why is this? As a civil servant who returned home, he broke through There were many obstacles to the establishment of the Hunan Army, and they fought hard in Lianghu and Jiangxi. Winning the battle was the credit of others, and defeating the battle was “almost incompatible with the whole country. “I fought hard for my country. I wanted power but no power. I wanted food but no food. I was squeezed out and attacked everywhere. I was forced to commit suicide several times.

Later, due to the persuasion of his friends and the change of mentality, he persevered. Zeng Guofan is also an ordinary person, and he will be ashamed and discouraged if he fails. However, what is extraordinary about him is that he can adjust his mentality in time and move on when he sees good.< /span>

Since ancient times, discussions outside the bureau have not forgiven the difficulties in the bureau. Whether you can win in the world depends on whether you can survive , in a critical moment, hold on, and you will win.