Shuangxi Community, Yanghuping Street, solidly carried out centralized rectification of illegal construction

Zhangjiajie Daily Palm Zhangjiajie News (all-media reporter Chen Jie correspondent Qin Jie) recently, Yanghuping The Shuangxi Community of the Sub-district Office has solidly promoted the rectification of illegal construction within the jurisdiction, aiming to further improve the quality of the city, improve the living environment, eliminate buildings with potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety of residents. In order to carry out the demolition operation smoothly, Shuangxi Community has adopted a “four-step” working idea. First, the office includes village cadres and community workers to carry out “knocking on the door” and hold a housing meeting to do a good job in centralized rectification of illegal construction Interpretation, publicity and guidance of relevant policies to improve the sense of identity of residents in the jurisdiction for the work of control and control of violations; second, to cooperate with the urban management squadron of the street to issue a rectification notice in advance, and urge residents to dismantle illegal structures; third, to report to the street office , strive for the maximum support of the office in terms of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, and alleviate the difficulties of insufficient community personnel and funds; fourth, patiently explain policies and regulations at the demolition site to stabilize the emotions of the parties involved. Up to now, Shuangxi Community has demolished 263 illegal constructions with a total area of ​​26,620.36 square meters.

[Source: Palm Zhangjiajie]

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