Chalinhe Village, Miaoshi Town: The Party Building Leads and Builds a Grid to Govern the Village

In order to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and cadres, and promote rural revitalization by focusing on grassroots party building work, recently, Chalinhe Village, Miaoshi Town held a theme party day event in November, combined with the “five households” work requirements, organized All party members and cadres continue to carry out “big visits” to the monitoring households, households that have been lifted out of poverty, and people in need in the village, and use practical actions to promote the “efficiency” of grid management, and effectively open up the “last mile” to connect and serve the masses.

Grid construction, full coverage of party building leadership

With “party building + safety construction + grid” and “3+N” management mode, the whole village is divided into 7 Grid, specify the grid scope, grid length, grid staff, micro-grid length, and list of responsibilities, and implement the network of sub-village and two-committee teams to include grids, grid staff to include micro-grids, and micro-grid long-assigned households The grid management model integrates all the people, things, things, and places in the village into the grid, and carries out dynamic management and services with full coverage, all directions, and the whole process.

Real action, all-round rural governance

After the “grid” is built, follow the “one household, one party member, one file” initiative to establish and improve the service mechanism of party members and volunteers, and strengthen the The grassroots service management team connects with the masses in various aspects such as production safety, comprehensive civil affairs management, policy publicity, environmental governance, civil mediation, and cultural life, so as to realize zero-distance and normalized role in serving the masses. Since the beginning of this year, the Party branch of Chalinhe Village has investigated and resolved 64 conflicts and disputes, and solved 372 people’s livelihood problems.

No exception, five household actions

Relying on “grid” management, through grid members and micro-grid leaders, party members and cadres regularly visit households, slogans, Village-to-village sound, promotional vehicles, WeChat, SMS, intelligent monitoring, etc., to grasp various problems of farmers in the grid area in a timely manner, and report them to the grid staff in a timely manner according to the mode of “daily report on emergencies and monthly report on daily conditions”. Do the first-time investigation, first-time report, and first-time processing.

[Source: Cili County People’s Government_Township]

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