Shadi Furong School held the first Campus Food Festival

Zhangjiajie Daily·Handheld Zhangjiajie News (all-media reporter Chen Jie) On November 28th, Zhangjiajie Shadi Furong School ranked first The first campus food festival was held.

At the event site, Malatang, kebabs, fruit drinks and other delicacies were all available and dazzling, making people feel like they are in a food street. The students who participated in the activity had a clear division of labor, each showed their skills, elaborately prepared delicacies, bid for booths, and set product prices. In order to attract more people to buy their own delicacies, some students made posters, and some enthusiastically sold them on the spot. In the process of making and promoting delicacies, students experienced skills such as cooperation, communication, and marketing, which not only exercised their independence Ability, but also let them experience the happiness brought by labor. At the same time, the food festival is also combined with the school sports meeting. Students who win the competition will also receive food coupons from the school to buy their favorite snacks.

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