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< span>November 2017
The first community day care center for the elderly in Chongming was unveiled

On November 8, 2017, the unveiling ceremony of the Day Care Center for the Elderly in Jinri Community, Chengqiao Town was held in Jinri Held in the community. “Day Care Center” is a new model of community home care services for semi-disabled elderly people who “go to nursery during the day to receive care and participate in activities, and go home to enjoy family life at night”. It is open and focuses on serving the elderly, empty-nest elderly, disabled elderly, special care elderly, subsistence allowances or low-income elderly. Chengqiao Town Jinri Community Day Care Center for the Elderly is located in the East Garden of Jinri Community, No. 47 Qingbai Road. With an area of ​​1,400 square meters, it is equipped with rural corridors, chess and card rooms, clinics, and comprehensive activity rooms to provide leisure and entertainment, meal supply, life care, health care and rehabilitation, and psychological counseling for the elderly in the area. Chengqiao The Day Care Center for the Elderly in Zhenjinri Community has created a warm and peaceful living home for the elderly in line with the service tenet of “giving love to the elderly and filial piety for the children”.

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