Shooting the river jumper, this location is very good

Chongqing’s first urban (suburban) railway, Jiangtiao Line, is about to open for operation. One of the highlights of this line is that the stations are all elevated stations, and 80% of the lines are ground and elevated lines. At the same time, you can enjoy the scenery along the line, and the river jumping line running through the city has also become a scenic line, which is worth taking pictures and punching in.

Dadukou Forest Park is a good spot for taking pictures of river jumpers

In the end, where would it be better to check in and take photos with the jumper? On July 19, citizen Liu Yongdong and his friends went to Dadukou Forest Park to climb the mountain. They accidentally found that the park was actually a good spot for shooting the river jumping line. So they took videos and photos and posted them on social platforms. Netizens liked: “Beautiful. landscape”.

The reporter saw that Jiang Jumper in Liu Yongdong’s lens has an aerial vision. Liu Yongdong explained: “Because the viewing platform on the top of the Dadukou Forest Park is relatively high, it is from an overhead shooting angle, so it has a visual effect of aerial photography.”

Liu Yongdong said that the ride Take bus No. 487 or No. 297 and get off at Huafu Tunnelkou Station, and you will arrive at Dadukou Forest Park. The viewing platform on the top of the park is a good spot to shoot the river jumper. If you are lucky, standing on the viewing platform, you can also see the Jiangjump train merge with the high-speed train.

If you are lucky, you can see the Jiang jumper and the high-speed rail meet

In addition, Dadukou Forest Park is very suitable for mountain climbing. There are not many people and the slope of the mountain road is not too large. There are three viewing platforms on the mountain trail to enjoy the scenery. The looks are all in sight.

So, what are the precautions and tips for shooting the river jumper in Dadukou Forest Park? Liu Yongdong introduced that, first, since the shooting point is located on the mountain, and the jumper is at the bottom of the mountain, the distance is a bit far, so it is recommended to use a camera or a mobile phone with good pixels to shoot; second, it is recommended to bring a small tripod to fix the photographic equipment to avoid shooting. The video or photos are blurry; thirdly, when you stand on the viewing platform to take pictures, the picture will be a little white, it is recommended to press the light as much as possible when shooting; The sense of oppression can enhance the three-dimensional and layered sense of the video or photo. Fifth, the weather has been hot recently. It is recommended to shoot after 4:00 in the morning or in the afternoon to avoid heat stroke.

Urban Hot News-Cang Yu reporter Zhang Chunlian, intern Chen Xinshu, photo courtesy of the interviewee

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Reviewer: Luo Zaifang

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