Many scenic spots are closed! Sanya latest report

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The reporter learned from the Sanya tourism and cultural department that due to the impact of the epidemic, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, and effectively protect the personal safety of tourists and friends , Sanya Yalong Bay International Rose Valley, Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area, Linchunling Forest Park, Sanya Rice National Park, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest and many other scenic spots and tourist areas are scheduled to suspend business from August 4, 2022, and the specific reopening time will be separate. Notice.

It is reported that Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area, Daxiaodongtian Tourism Area, Eternal Scenery Area, Haichang Dream Never Sleeping City and other scenic spots have also issued notices of suspension of business in the past few days.

Remind tourists to pay attention to the information release platform of the scenic spot in time. Tourists who have made reservations and purchased tickets online can choose to apply for a refund through the original ticket purchase channel.

From: CCTV News Client