Shoot here for 5 minutes every day to force out the moisture and turbidity in the body

What is moisture?

There are two kinds of dampness in Chinese medicine, one is the damp evil in nature, such as rainy climate and long-term humid environment (external dampness); the other is the human body’s qi The machine runs too slowly and too slowly, forming dampness evil (internal dampness) caused by stagnation.

What happens when the humidity is heavy?

1. Stiff joints

If the moisture in a person’s body is too heavy, it will cause dampness to enter the joints, and if there is cold in the body, it will cause cold and dampness in the joints When the parts meet, it will form damp and cold, which will damage the health of the joints.

If it goes on for a long time, it will cause stiffness of the limbs, and in severe cases, it will affect normal activities.

2. Sticky stool

It is difficult to form human stool with heavy moisture, and it will stick to the toilet. It is also very difficult to flush it with water.

Most of these symptoms are caused by unhealthy eating habits. Often eating some spicy food will cause cold air to invade the body, and stool adhesion will appear.

3. Thick and greasy tongue coating and heavy breath

If you always feel sticky in the mouth after getting up in the morning, the tongue coating is thick, and the peculiar smell in the mouth can be removed even after brushing your teeth It has not improved very well. Once these situations occur, it is likely to be caused by heavy humidity.

Find the body’s moisture outlet

Weizhong acupoint:

Weizhong acupoint is located in the center of the leg socket, along the bladder meridian.

The bladder meridian is the largest detoxification and dehumidification channel for the human body, and the Weizhong point is the sewage outlet on this channel. If it is not smooth here, the moisture cannot be discharged, which may cause arthritis, low back pain, etc. the occurrence of disease.

So you can usually press and knead this acupuncture point, and move or tap no less than 49 times each time.

Quchi Point:

Quchi acupoint is located at the lateral end of the transverse crease of the elbow. When the elbow is bent, at the midpoint of the line between Chize acupoint and the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, the damp and turbid air of the large intestine meridian gathers here.

Modern commonly used to treat shoulder and elbow joint pain (or frozen shoulder), high blood pressure, urticaria, influenza, tonsillitis, etc. You can pat the elbow fossa continuously for about 5 minutes, it is better to feel soreness.

Drink barley and red bean porridge

Barley, in It is called “coix kernel” in Chinese medicine, and it is listed as the top grade in “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”. It can cure dampness, benefit the intestines and stomach, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and lighten the body for a long time.

Chixiaodou can nourish the heart and nourish the blood. It is recorded in ancient books that “long-term use makes people thin”, which means that regular consumption of Chixiaodou also has the effect of losing weight. It also has obvious effects of promoting water, reducing swelling, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

These two herbs can remove dampness and heat. Not only that, barley and red bean porridge also has a good fat-reducing effect without hurting the body.

Eat less raw and cold

Don’t eat food that hurts the spleen and stomach in such a humid environment. People who like to eat sweets also need to pay attention, because “sweet greasy and dampness”.

Chinese medicine believes that raw and cold food, ice products or cold fruits and vegetables will stagnate the digestive and absorption functions of the stomach, and it is not suitable to eat in unlimited quantities. Such as lettuce salad, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd, etc., it is best to add green onions and ginger when cooking to reduce the cold nature of vegetables.

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