Excessive damage to the essence, deficiency of both yin and yang, one side complements yin and yang, and restores the functional state that men should have

Introduction~ Excessive damage to essence, deficiency of both yin and yang, one side to replenish yin and yang, restore the functional state that men should have

Recently, a friend asked me how to deal with the most serious injury Tonifying, is it tonify yin or tonify yang? After all, I have tried many methods and failed to fix it, because this problem not only missed too many things that I could do well, but also missed too many people I should have. As a result, I was alone in my thirties. To shirk the cause.

In fact, for many male friends, hurting essence is nothing more than hurting yang energy. Injury, the fire of life gate will be weak, so there will be functional problems. The yang qi is seriously injured, the fire of the gate of life cannot be ignited, and the yang qi is too weak. Although the fire of the gate of life can be barely ignited, it does not last long, so it always makes you vent in the middle and cannot control the essence freely. How to replenish Yang Qi? The general idea is to seek yang from yin, one more substance and one more energy, and try to choose some products that balance yin and yang to supplement, so that it can be supplemented impartially, so that the medicine will not be too greasy and cause loose stools Diarrhea, the medicine will not be too hot and get on the head.

Don’t always take the fire of life too seriously , it’s just the final result, don’t always think about using a lot of hot and spicy products to make up for it, the fire is not a temporary result, but the lack of yang energy, the yang energy is strong enough to be ignited, the so-called spark can Start a prairie fire, there is no need to amplify the fire. Speaking of this, many people will understand what I mean by tonic fire, that is, a large amount of aconite to Fuyang and Wenyang, so that it will feel very good at the time of treatment, but it will be the same as before after stopping the medicine, because If you don’t have Yang tonifying, you only need a little cinnamon to warm Yang, so as to reduce anger, there is no need to amplify the fire.

Through further understanding of it, in addition to being uncomfortable after a short time, there will be the following symptoms: 1 .Soreness of the waist and knees, unable to do heavy work, 2. Dizziness and tinnitus, 3. Cold hands and feet in winter, rhinitis, 4. Short sleep time, frequent dreams, small tendons not up to standard, 5. Pale complexion, 6. Perennial stool No shape, 7. Frequent urination and frequent nights, 8. Pale tongue, white fur, heavy tooth marks, weak pulse syndrome. The treatment is to calm and invigorate yang qi, and activate life fire. Available astragalus, Jiaobaizhu, ginseng, epimedium, Chuan Achyranthes bidentata, licorice, Danshen, cinnamon and six flavors. Tell him not to be easily sensual, to live a fulfilling life, not to think about the disease, let alone live in the disease every day. After a period of recovery, I feel that my body is getting better, and my body is full of energy.