@Shanghai people! “With the application”, the national nucleic acid report can be checked

Good news!

Following the nucleic acid query function in the Yangtze River Delta,

“with the application” will be opened recently National nucleic acid report query function,

users can query nucleic acid test results across the country,

and after opening the association span>

The latest nucleic acid test results are displayed in the “Sui Shen Code”, “Site Code” and “Digital Sentinel”.


page shows that the service is provided by the national integrated government service platform, and the relevant query results Based on the database of the National Health and Medical Commission, it is updated according to the nucleic acid detection data of various places.

On the national nucleic acid query page, the nucleic acid information association function of “Suishen Code” is also provided. “Digital Sentinel” correlation display results. If you have any questions about the relevant results, you can consult the 12345 service hotline of the province and city where the data came from.

Previously, Shanghai has adjusted the “Sui Shen Code”, “Place Code” and “Digital Sentinel”. “The calculation rule for the effective time of nucleic acid testing is based on the time when the nucleic acid testing report is issued.

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Author| Xie Min

Editor| Gu Yingying