Flintstones turn into “fireworks”? Danger is hidden in romantic stunts!

Today is the traditional Chinese festival “Qixi Festival”. Recently, some short video websites and e-commerce platforms have launched a so-called “firework-watching” internet celebrity product“firework flint”, and use “fireworks and flint”. If you love her, set off a fireworks for her” to attract netizens.

However, behind the pounding heart, there is a lot of hidden risks!In the end, “Romantic Fireworks” is not only unromantic, it can also be a shocking accident! Today,Let’s walk into the fire laboratory to find out.

The online video shows: first place an item the size of a grain of rice on the stairs, and then use a lighter to put it on the stairs. After it ignites red, pop it out with your fingers or a wooden stick. In an instant, a burst of fire light illuminates the entire corridor.

There are many so-called “teaching” videos on short video sites. How do you how to strike a fire with your handsstone to achieve the effect of fireworks blooming. Most of them are accompanied by similar narration and lyrical melodies such as “Have you not seen fireworks for a long time”, and use “slow motion” playback and heart-shaped special effects to deliberately spark the moment Create a romantic and moving.

Internet celebrity flint and flint are available at low prices on multiple e-commerce platforms

In the bottom of some videos, the purchase links of related products are specially attached. After clicking on it, you can see that the first place is the “net celebrity flint and flint” promoted by the merchant. You can buy hundreds of the same net celebrity flint and flint in a bottle and in different colors at a low price. .

Flint Stone< /strong>

is an iron alloy containing rare earth elements, which is easily combined with oxygen and ignites It is relatively low, about 165 degrees, but the temperature when it really burns can reach thousands of degrees.

However, some businesses were hesitant when asked if it was safe, and in user reviews, Most users show that the product does not match the description and is not recommended. Many netizens mentioned in the negative comments that the merchants “exaggerated the video” and felt “very dangerous” when using it. Many netizens said that their fingers were “scalded” and “burned in one second”.

What is the actual effect of hand flint and flint?

In the short online videos, the effect of hand-bombing flint and flint is mostly gorgeous and moving, so is it really like this in practice? It may surprise you greatly.

Before the experiment began, firefighters first took out some Flint, after heating and igniting one of them with a windproof lighter, you can see that in just a few seconds, the originally metallic flint gradually becomes red and brittle; touch it lightly to the prepared flint. On the surface of a piece of pig skin, there were burn marks of the same size. There was also a distinct burnt smell at the scene.

It is not difficult to find through experiments, according to the online publicity The operation method not only did not have a gorgeous pyrotechnic effect, but also the flint residue that popped up ignited the flammable material, and a continuous burning phenomenon called “smoldering” occurred for half a minute.

Sparks are not fireworks! Web video is obviously misleading p>

The recent video on the Internet teaching you how to play flint by hand is obviously misleading. There are many ways to pursue romance, and this dangerous one must not be used!

In fact In recent years, with the successive promulgation of policies and regulations on fireworks prohibition and release, various products under the name of “Internet celebrity fireworks” have quietly emerged on the Internet: from “artificial snow” to “fairy” “Bang” and “Cold Fireworks”, these so-called Internet celebrity products, with the help of the promotion of short video websites and e-commerce platforms, are packaged as novel ways to play popular nowadays. While causing netizens to follow suit and imitate, they often ignore the splendor behind Hidden risks.

In view of its outstanding security risks, the Department of State Security The Production Committee and the Emergency Management Department ordered at the beginning of last year, requiring all localities to be seriously investigated and dealt with, and all “steel wool fireworks” sold in physical stores and online platforms should be removed from the shelves and properly disposed of.

Expert Recommendations


On the one hand, short video websites should strengthen the supervision of dissemination of content, and at the same time, e-commerce platforms should also avoid exaggeration and misleading consumers. Risks should be given adequate safety tips.


▌Source: China Fire

[Source: Tianjin Beichen Fire Protection]

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