Yinshan Town, Dongping County: “Pulse Inquiry” Enterprise Security

In order to firmly hold the red line of safety production and consolidate and improve the effectiveness of safety production inspections, Yinshan Town of Dongping County has carried out safety production inspections in recent days and organized emergency response in the town The office, market supervision office, fire protection, public security, and village grid officers conduct safety production inspections on enterprises in the entire town to effectively build a safe production line of defense.

The inspection adopts the method of “on-site inspection + fire knowledge training drill” to build a production safety net for the masses. The inspection team successively came to the town’s gas stations, supermarkets, key enterprises, school restaurants, kindergartens, restaurants and other fields to conduct “full-coverage” supervision and inspection, and did not miss any link or any detail to ensure thorough investigation , Eliminate all kinds of risks and hidden dangers, ensure safe production and stability in the whole town, and people live and work in peace and contentment. Comprehensively establish a checklist account for the potential safety hazards detected, implement the rectification account, and achieve the “five implementations” of hidden danger rectification measures, responsibilities, funds, time limits, and pre-plans, and implement closed-loop management. For outstanding hidden dangers that may lead to accidents, they will be listed in time for supervision. Up to now, a total of 15 enterprises have been investigated, 25 hidden dangers have been found, 10 places have been rectified on site, and 15 items have been rectified within a time limit. The inspection team will continue to follow up and return visits, supervise the implementation, and effectively eliminate various safety hazards. At the same time, in the link of emergency evacuation and practical drills, the staff of the emergency office called on the employees of the enterprise to experience the initial fire fighting in person, so as to enhance the emergency response capabilities of the employees of the enterprise.

Through the safety production inspection, the town’s safety production awareness and self-prevention ability have been further improved. In the next step, Yinshan Town will continue to carry out safety production inspections on a regular basis, strive to achieve “zero tolerance” in safety supervision, vigorously create a strong atmosphere where everyone cares about safety production and everyone participates in safety management, and use practical actions to strengthen safety production line of defense. (Correspondent Niu Mingjie)