Miaoshi Town Village Assistance Work Promotion Meeting and On-site Observation Meeting

Recently, Miaoshi Town held a village assistance work promotion meeting and on-site observation meeting in Bailong Village. The first secretaries and team members of the 4 cities and counties in the town attended the meeting.

At the meeting, first of all, the organization committee member of Miaoshi Town led everyone to study and consolidate the village assistance policies at all levels, and made arrangements for the current village assistance work. Afterwards, the working teams in the village observed the assistance work of Bailong Village on the spot, consulted relevant information, and listened to the first secretary of Bailong Village to share the experience of assistance work. Finally, the team members exchanged views on how to better carry out the assistance work in the village. Yin Yuanhai, the team leader and first secretary of Bailong Village, said: “The work team of the Municipal Transportation Bureau carried out assistance around the content of the “Five Major Revitalizations” Supporting work, drawing blueprints, emphasizing hard work, and vigorously promoting the Bailong spirit of “diligence and hard work”. Over the past two years of supporting the village, infrastructure construction, the leading role of the party branch, and the shaping of folk customs and sentiments have all been significantly improved. Work The team will continue to cooperate well with the two committees of the branch village, and complete various work tasks in the village according to the requirements of the superior.”

[Source: Cili County People’s Government_Township]

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