“Sexy Goddess” Megan Fox is suspected of plastic surgery, her face is stiff and fake, netizens: the whole thing is ruined

Speaking of Megan Fox, his acting path is completely legendary. He was called a Hollywood fairy when he first debuted. He is the dream lover of many men. He is very beautiful, sexy and charming. . It is reported that it is expected to be praised as the next Angelina Jolie, with good acting skills, resources, strength, figure, and good looks. However, in recent years, Megan Fox has gradually faded out of people’s sight, and the reason is that everyone does not understand.

In 2007, a Transformers hit the world. In the play, Megan Fox wears a vest and opens the hood of the Hornet with one hand. I don’t know how many men’s hearts are ignited. After the show aired, Meghan was named the sexiest woman in the world the following year, and I have to say, she deserved it.

After that, he stepped up his horsepower again and played Transformers 2. His image is still a sexy motorcycle goddess, It has to be said that this kind of person is very popular in Hollywood, and his star career is bright. The good times didn’t last long, and it didn’t take long, and I didn’t break up with Fox because of personality issues and the director, and was banned. Later, I made a few movies, and there was no traffic.

As we all know, the facial features of Europeans and Americans are mainly deep. . Megan Fox is the same, not as beautiful and delicate as before, with thick makeup on her face, which makes fans sigh.

So much money, Megan Naturally, I am no longer interested in movies, so I might as well eat, drink and have fun. His hobby turned into cosmetic tattooing. Every time I appear in front of the public, the whole face is full of silicone-like fakes, the facial features are not as delicate as before, and the whole body seems to have undergone a major renovation, just like the face-lifting face processed in batches in medical beauty institutions, the face is stiff.

This face was once known as a divine face, but now It’s a silicone skin. Megan Fox was amazing all over the world back then, but now she is excluded by the entertainment industry. Observe carefully, his apple muscle forehead has obviously been injected with hyaluronic acid. The mandible, nose, and mouth have been properly trimmed.

It was revealed that after the Transformers fire that year, Megan Fox could no longer bear the heart of plastic surgery and transformed nose and eyebrows. Lip fillers were then done to imitate Angelina Jolie.

Maybe there is too much filling, the skin seems to be stretched The spring rope is average, and there is a feeling that it is about to collapse. In order to maintain good condition, Botox was also injected. Perhaps it was the words of netizens that made him aware of his anxiety. Afterwards, the hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin were slowly absorbed and returned to their normal state. But the whole person’s sense of Internet celebrity has nowhere to hide.

Why does too much hyaluronic acid make the face look stiff?

–Too much injection

Many people have the habit of regular injections of hyaluronic acid, and once they find a depression, they will go crazy with injections. Living too often or too much will cause the face to be stiff and unnatural, especially fake. For example, more than 60 ml of hyaluronic acid appeared on the face at one time, and the skin was about to burst, like a balloon filled with water, how could it not look fake.

–Unqualified drugs

Black medical beauty Institutions bloom all over the country, and the quality of beauty salons varies. Hyaluronic acid is difficult to distinguish between real and fake. Most black medical beauty will use fake products in order to keep costs. The face becomes stiff and life-threatening.

–The injection level does not match

Hyaluronic acid is divided into large molecules and small molecules Molecules, large molecules are suitable for deep injection, small molecules are suitable for shallow filling. Only scientific injection can make the face more natural. However, some doctors have received a certificate for three days, have no experience, and do not know how to operate, resulting in the face of fans becoming stiff.< /span>

< p data-track="16">–There is a problem with the injection technique

The facial distribution is abundant Insufficient experience can damage the nerves. If you dare not to inject further, it will cause the hot and sour acid to accumulate in the superficial layer, resulting in a feeling of swelling and stiffness.