Chen Xiaodong is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery. Netizens dare not recognize him. The big double eyelids and sharp chin are too weird

For celebrities, appearance is the basis for ensuring their success in the entertainment industry. They spend a lot of time, energy and money on beauty and skin care, and are even addicted to it, unable to extricate themselves. This is true for female stars, and male stars are no exception. People rely on their faces for food, so don’t talk about anyone.

Today’s hero is the well-known Chen Xiaodong. During this period of time, he appeared in front of the audience with “Let’s Chase the Light, Brother”, and everyone was very surprised, because the fairy appearance back then has become a thing of the past, and now Chen Xiaodong has become like this, neither human nor ghost, Even demonized.

We observe It is not difficult to see from the picture, whether it is a retouched picture or a selfie picture, the silicone is full, the chin is obviously modified, the angle is very weird, and the expression on the face is very ferocious, especially the eyes are like two ping pong balls, It is not difficult to see that he also opened the inner corner of his eyes.

Speaking of which, it is an undeniable fact that Chen Xiaodong has turned into a snake face. Or when he was young, he was very handsome, especially one of the best good-looking existences in the entertainment industry, and he was deeply loved by fans. When she debuted, she was a leading figure in the music world, even Kobayashi Xinxia and Cecilia Cheung admired her very much.

The year Chen Xiaodong is a sunny boy, full of youthful vigor, and the charm revealed between his brows and eyes, especially under a slight smile, is particularly contagious, his singing voice is moving, and his acting skills are very good.

However, after TVB ended a few years later, Chen Xiaodong had been on the bench for many years, and finally transferred to inland development. It’s a pity that he missed the best time.Even if he released a few songs, he failed to arouse any splash. And now that Chen Xiaodong appears again, it seems that it is also because of the blessing of the singer’s dream.

Who ever Wanting to meet again, it turned out to be like this. The exaggerated chin is sharp and wide, like a hoe for plowing the field, and the bridge of the nose is wide and high, very exaggerated, it feels like the same style of Avatar. And the two eyes are very strange, just like the sad frog. When it fell, the apple muscle swelled, and a face seemed to be about to collapse, full of plastic and silicone.

I don’t know what he has experienced in these years, what kind of melancholy niche is this, completely It’s a collection of anime characters. Does the celebrity follow the Internet celebrity face?

In fact, plastic surgery He is not the only middle-aged male star. As the actor Li Zonghan that Aunt Qiong Yao liked very much back then, he was very popular back then, with handsome looks, thick eyebrows and big eyes, a righteous face, and his acting skills were especially online. After reaching middle age, the male stars at the same stage as him are slowly getting greasy and fat, but he takes good care of himself. In addition to having a very strict body management plan, he will also undergo medical beauty and skin care in the near future.

Finally at An’s house, his face looked weird, the whole face felt like silicone full. Netizens use the word horror to describe it. It feels like the expression on the whole face is fixed there, I can’t see anywhat details. Although the facial features have not changed, it does give people the feeling of a different face, because the inflatable and silicone feel is too obvious. It’s not like the state it should be at this age.

Typical Chen Haomin, Duan Yu in Tianlong Babu is the white moonlight in many people’s hearts. A man of talent and personable demeanor. But no one would have thought that such Chen Haomin also fell in love with plastic surgery. I regularly go to the hospital with my wife for medical aesthetics. The bridge of the nose is wide and high, and the apple muscles are exaggerated. The thick lips with European and American flavors are not as handsome as they were back then What does Mr. Jia look like?

In this regard, Chen Haomin said that everyone is doing medical beauty, and it seems a bit disadvantageous not to do it himself . He also posted photos of the injections, admitting that he used high technology to keep his youth.