The warm red on Christmas Eve is not a rose, but a red lucky fruit, held in the palm of your hand

The warm red on Christmas Eve is not a rose, but a red lucky fruit, held in the palm of your hand

If the gift of winter is red, it may not be a rose as warm as true love, but the same romantic red Lucky fruit, just like the coming Christmas Eve, only the most special kind of apples received on this day will have the most sense of ceremony. The red lucky fruit is such a special gift.

The meaning of the red lucky fruit on Christmas Eve not only symbolizes peace, success, reunion, health, but also symbolizes true love. Just like its name, it is red, not only the skin, but also the flesh, even the heart of the apple. No other apple is as red as the red lucky fruit. The color is already beautiful, and the taste is particularly good. It tastes sweet and sour, and the taste is crisp. You can feel the strong fruity aroma just by smelling it, and you can even taste the aroma of roses if you taste it carefully.


This variety is not well-known to the public precisely because it is a new variety. It was developed by a number of Chinese scientists for 12 years from various local apple varieties such as Xinjiang Wild Apple, Yantai Red Fuji, and Zhonghua Xiaoguoguang. After hybridization and grafting, it was finally successfully planted on the southern foot of Mount Tai. At the beginning of planting, local fruit growers were amazed at its magic, saying, “I have never seen such an apple.”

p” p>All the apples on Christmas Eve are called “Safe Fruit”. If you eat apples on that day, you can wish for peace and prosperity in the coming year. Some meanings add a special romance, which is the romance that every bite is attractive red, the romance that you can see the red heart when you cut it vertically, and the romance that the new master uses him to express his heart.

im>width=”60 p>During Christmas Eve this year, the red lucky fruit will be released in a gift box. There are four fruits in a box. This quantity is also very particular, and it just corresponds to the four seasons of the year, so it is especially suitable for gift giving. The high-value fruit is matched with an exquisite gift box, and the person who receives the gift must be very happy.

If you have someone you like, it would be perfect to send red lucky fruit on Christmas Eve. There is no apple that can express your heart like red lucky fruit. Although true love is hard to find, but sincere time It can be learned. No matter how cold the weather is, as long as there is warm love in the heart, it will be like a spring breeze.