Several recognized muscle-building methods allow you to grow the most muscle in the shortest time

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Several recognized muscle-building methods allow you to grow the most muscles in the shortest time:

1. Focus on strength training, not aerobic exercise.

When exercising, you should know what exercise to pay attention to. Aerobic exercise is an exercise that consumes body fat and also causes muscle loss. Strength training can build muscles, increase muscle content, let you bid farewell to the thin image, and become stronger.

Strength training can start with compound movements. These are several recognized golden fitness movements, such as bench press, parallel bar arm extension, pull-up, press, rowing, deadlift, Squats, lunges, and more can be added to your fitness program.

For each target muscle group, 4-5 movements can be arranged for all-round exercise. Each movement can be arranged in 4-6 groups, each group is 10-12 times, which can be fully activated And strengthen the body muscles.

2. Gradually increase the weight-bearing level

Don’t train with heavy weight at the beginning, it is easy to get injured. Before strength training, do a full warm-up, and then imitate the training animation for training, starting from low-load training, follow the standard trajectory, and feel the force of the target muscle group, so as to improve the muscle-building effect.

With the improvement of muscle strength, we will gradually increase the weight-bearing level, so as to further stimulate the muscles and improve the muscle dimension.

3. Appropriately increase calorie intake

During muscle building, the body’s activity metabolism will increase, heat output will increase, and muscle Growth and repair also require extra calories, so we need to increase our calorie intake.

During the period of muscle gain, our daily calorie intake can be increased by about 15%-20%. If your usual daily calorie intake is 2000 calories, you can Increase to 2300-2400 kcal.

In order to increase the absorption rate of food, we can change from a three-meal diet to a five-meal or six-meal diet, which can ensure sufficient calorie intake.

4. Low-fat, high-protein diet

< p data-track="9">Increasing calorie intake does not mean that you can eat and drink. If you keep eating junk food such as fried chicken, hamburgers, and French fries, the chances of increasing your body are fat, not muscle.

In order to improve the efficiency of muscle growth and inhibit the accumulation of fat, we must ensure a low-fat, high-protein diet, and supplement a sufficient amount of high-quality protein every day, from chicken breast, fish, lean meat It is recommended to supplement 1.5-2g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, and at the same time achieve a low-oil and salt diet, so as to gain muscle without gaining fat.

5. Don’t stay up late, go to bed early< /p>

Adequate sleep and rest are helpful for body recovery and muscle growth. Staying up late to sleep, people who don’t get enough sleep, and people who don’t have enough rest time, their muscles will be in a state of tearing and cannot be repaired, and the muscle-building cycle will also be lengthened.

Therefore, we must achieve a balance between work and rest, ensure that we sleep for 8 hours a day, and rest for 48-72 hours after each target muscle group training before starting the next round of training .