Eating these 5 staple foods is equivalent to “drinking oil”! No wonder the disease comes to you, have you been recruited?

The staple food is the main source of carbohydrates in food, and it is also the food that we cannot do without every meal. Fried rice, sesame seed cakes, twists… are the staple food choices of many people.

With the improvement of health awareness, most people know that cooking should control oil, but it is absorbed into starch The internal fat is often ignored. If you eat these “big fats” as a staple food, it is likely that the calories will exceed the standard and cause harm to your body.

5 staple foods are “big oily households”

1. Fried rice

After adding condiments such as oil and salt, the fat content of the original rice-flavored rice will increase greatly, and the fried rice in restaurants is even more ” Glossy face”.

In fact, the fat content of rice itself is very low, the fat content per 100 grams of rice is only 0.2%, after making fried rice, the fat content rises to 6%~8% . Similarly, if you eat a bowl of fried rice about half a catty, you will eat 100-200 more calories than ordinary rice.

2. Fried cakes and fried noodles

Fried cakes, fried noodles, and fried rice cakes are similar to fried rice. The fat content is generally around 5% to 8%, and the fat content is dozens of times higher than that of raw materials.

Especially stir-fried rice cakes, rice cakes made of glutinous rice are very sticky. The fat content of fried rice cakes can be imagined.

3, twisted fried dough sticks

sesame balls, twisted twists, fried dough sticks are all fried The staple food made is “bathed” in the oil pan, and the fat content is naturally greatly increased.

According to the data in the “Chinese Food Composition Table 2004”, the fat content of sesame balls is as high as 30%, mahua 31.5%, and fried dough sticks 17.6%.

4. Oil cake

When foods such as sesame sesame seed cakes and oil cakes are made, the dough has not been fermented, and it will be very hard if it is made without oil. For the “double harvest” of taste and texture, a lot of oil will be “packed” in it. The larger the contact area with the oil, the higher the fat content will naturally be.

5. Crispy bread

In food, most of the food with the word “crispy” In hinting at the fact that we are high in fat. Because it is almost impossible to shape the crispy taste of food without oil.

Similar cakes include pineapple cakes, money cakes, peach cakes, pastry cakes, etc., all of which are “rich in oil”.

Everyone try to avoid eating these oily foods in their lives. Otherwise, in the long run, it will not be good for your health!