6 kinds of food, or known as “rotten liver king”, if you want to nourish the liver and protect the liver, you should stay away as soon as possible

The liver is the largest detoxification organ in the body. Most substances in the body are catabolized through the liver. The health of the liver is related to the health of other organs in the body healthy or not.

A healthy liver should be reddish-brown. When the liver is damaged or pathological changes occur, The color of the liver will become darker and darker until it becomes black.

Our country is A country with a relatively high prevalence of liver cancer, accounts for 47% of the global prevalence, which is 4 to 5 times that of other European and American countries. There are about 410,000 new cases every year. Among the cancer incidence rates, liver cancer ranks fifth.

Moreover, most liver cancer patients have already reached the advanced stage when they are discovered, and have already missed the best During the treatment period, the mortality rate of liver cancer is also very high. This is mainly because there are no pain-sensing nerves on the liver, and it is difficult to detect it in the early stage.


When liver disease occurs, the body will also issue a warning, so we must pay attention

1. No appetite

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The liver secretes bile, which is involved in digestion and absorption. When the liver is damaged, the secretion of bile will be affected, and the digestive capacity will also decrease. This Sometimes patients are prone to loss of appetite, and even nausea, Especially when they see greasy food, they will feel very sick, which will lead to more and more weight loss in the long run,If this happens It is recommended to do liver function tests as soon as possible.

2, Dull pain in the liver area of ​​the upper right abdomen

The upper right abdomen of the stomach is our liver, if this part is always dull pain, it means our liver suffered serious damage.

There is a liver capsule around the liver, and the liver is damaged, and the liver capsule will be involved in inflammation and swelling When the nerve is stimulated, you will feel swelling and pain like pinpricks.

3. Weakness

When there is an abnormality in our liver, the body will experience general fatigue and fatigue. The fatigue caused by ordinary fatigue will be relieved after rest, but the fatigue caused by the liver cannot pass Rest improved.

There will be obstacles when participating in the synthesis of cholinesterase after liver cell lesions, and choline in the human body The role of the enzyme is to help the muscles and nerves combine, the content of this enzyme decreases, and the human body often suffers from fatigue.


Halitosis is a relatively common physiological phenomenon, if we do not pay attention Brushing your teeth or eating something with a strong odor can easily lead to bad breath.If it is a physiological bad breath, it can be solved by brushing your teeth, but pathological bad breath is more troublesome, such as caused by liver disease bad breath.

After liver cell lesions occur, the metabolism of ammonia will be abnormal, which will lead to an increase in blood ammonia content , so that there will be a taste of bad eggs in the mouth, and it is difficult to solve it by brushing your teeth.


6 kinds of food, or known as “Rotten Liver King”, if you want to nourish the liver and protect the liver, you should stay away as soon as possible< /strong>

1, Hamburg

Hamburger is a kind of high-fat fast food. If you eat hamburger frequently, it will increase the metabolic burden on the liver.

The fat content in hamburgers is very high,If you eat hamburgers often, it will lead to fat accumulation, and fat will affect the health of the liver , aggravating liver lesions.

2、 Long-soaked fungus

If you often eat fungus soaked in wine, The damage to the liver is also very large. The nutritional value of the fungus is very high, but if the fungus is soaked for more than two hours, it is easy to produce the toxin rice yeast acid, which is carcinogenic. Sex, if eaten regularly, will cause great damage to the liver, and even induce liver cancer.

3. Moldy food

Do not continue to eat food that is usually moldy. Once the food is moldy, it is easy to produce aflatoxin, and aflatoxin damage to the liver is irreversible. It is easy to induce liver cancer.

In normal times, many foods are prone to mold if they cannot be stored, such as various grains, peanuts, or fruits, once moldy , everyone, don’t remove the moldy parts and continue to eat, Because the invisible parts have been infected with aflatoxin, throw them away directly.

4. BBQ

Grilling is also a very serious food for liver damage. After high-temperature baking, the decomposed fat will drip on the charcoal, making the Combined with the protein in the meat, some harmful substances will be produced. If you eat this kind of food often, it will aggravate the damage to the liver, and grilled food will also produce benzo ratio, which is also a carcinogen.

5. Dessert

Although all kinds of desserts can make people feel happy, most of them are macromolecular sugars. This kind of sugar will be quickly converted into fat after entering the body. It is easy to cause fatty liver and aggravate the damage to the liver.

6. Pickled food

Although pickled food tastes more appetizing, it contains a lot of nitrite. After nitrite enters the body, it will produce ammonium nitrite, which will Like aflatoxin, it is extremely carcinogenic to organs, so you must eat less pickled food, including processed meat.


To nourish the liver and protect the liver, eat more vegetables

< strong>1. Carrots

Carrots are rich in vitamin A And nutrients such as calcium pectate, can promote the healthy development of the liver, and calcium pectate can be excreted from the stool after being run-in with bile acids, thereby reducing the burden on the liverTherefore, eating more carrots can achieve the effect of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

2, bean sprouts

Bean sprouts contain lutein, vitamins, dietary fiber, calcium and magnesium and other nutrients,can relieve liver qi stagnation It can achieve the effect of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in B vitamins and vitamin C. To a certain extent, it can delay the aging of the liver and achieve the effect of nourishing and protecting the liver.