“Seeing the Splendid Mountains and Rivers” live preview of the third season of the county tour

Zhucheng is located in the southeastern part of Shandong Peninsula, with profound cultural and historical heritage and balanced development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. CCTV news special program “Seeing the Splendid Mountains and Rivers” in the third season of the county tour will take you into Zhucheng, Shandong Province on July 25, and follow the camera to walk into the county to see the development. The reporter from the head office will take you to visit the 10,000-acre hazelnut forest, experience the joy of picking and harvest, and taste the flavor of hazelnut; reveal the steel cord and intelligent production and storage for automobile tires, and see how it can escort car owners; immersive experience Making black pottery, listening to the remote and quiet guqin playing in the mountains and rivers, and feeling the cosy city in the container-style creative homestay. Poke the live broadcast and feel the beauty and vitality of Zhucheng together! (Reporters from the main station: Chen Yongqing, Wang Maosheng, Zhao Fei, Chai Andong, Wang Chenglin, Li Bingchan, Wang Zixuan, Liu Yue, Chen Junfeng, Li Jinlin, Han Sen, Huo Xipeng, Liu Dong)