I took a summer vacation in Tangwanghe Town, Yichun. 12 kilometers away from the town is the 5A scenic spot, a 20°C natural oxygen bar

Shu Mi took a break from the summer in Tangwanghe Town, Yichun, this time staying in Jiuxin Shanzhen Resort, which is close to the national 5A level The scenic area is only 12 kilometers away from the Tangwang River Linhai Stone Scenic Area. Of course, I can’t miss it, and I can’t wait to feel the charm of the strange rocks in Xiaoxing’an Mountains and the quietness and coolness of the forest.

because of distance Very recently, on that day, my wife and I drove to the scenic spot early. We were one of the few tourists who entered the scenic spot for the first time. As a result, it almost exclusively enjoys the tranquility, tranquility and beauty of this vast forest. I have been to many national-level forest parks, and I have to say that the Tangwang River Forest Sea Scenic Spot is the coolest and most interesting one.

We did not check in advance For any strategy, it has already been negotiated to visit as much as you want, do not hurry, and try to stay away from the crowd. Since we entered the scenic spot very early, after getting off the sightseeing bus, we were only accompanied by the crisp birdsong, the swirling sunshine in the jungle, the sadness of the birch forest and those who accompanied us for 2 hours in the Tianxiantian and Maitreya scenic spot. Shi Feng’s various forms.

” one line The steep rock gap less than 40 cm apart completely terrified me, but with my encouragement, my slender wife tried to cross it. She was in a dilemma for a while, and although she managed to squeeze out in the end, the appearance of trying so hard to throw away her helmet and armor made me happy, which was very interesting.

” one line “Tian” landscape is the iconic natural wonder of many stone forest landscapes in the Tangwang River Forest Sea Strange Stone Scenic Area. In fact, the many stone forests in the scenic spot are the only Indosinian geological relics with the most complete types and richest shapes found in my country so far.

We didn’t pay attention What we witnessed and touched turned out to be miracles of hundreds of millions of years. In addition to being steep and handsome, for example, the lush moss on the Xing’an stacked rocks seems to be telling us that the story of strange rocks is far from over, and we can still enjoy themselves with them. chat.

I like Xing’an stacked rocks very much, and there are rumors about them With a jingle , “Xing’an stacked rocks go around in circles, horizontally and vertically worn in a line, watching the moon, hearing the wind, and moving, and feeling inextricably intertwined”, this description is both interesting and vivid.

Later, my wife and I walked across the chain bridge beside the waterfall with great interest, climbed the extremely steep and high stone stairs, followed the crowd of people, and encountered many strange rocks. Landscape, True so-called “trees grow on rocks, rocks hide in forests”.

this On the way, in addition to feeling the magic of nature, we also became very interested in the origin of vivid names such as “Doujinshi”, “Tianmayan”, “Arhat Turtle” and “Linhai Guanyin”.

That’s it We unknowingly spent hours navigating through the woods, searching for and encountering strange rocks. It was not only an intimate contact with nature, but also a rare intellectual exploration. Fortunately, the primitive ecology of the Tangwang River Forest and Sea Stone Scenic Spot has given us great satisfaction.

In this back-to-basics During our trip to the jungle, the lively little squirrels in the forest ran in front of us several times, and even jumped on my feet. They are the elves in this jungle. They may appear to convey the happiness here. to us.

Later we went to Tibet The sightseeing tower in the forest, overlooking the endless Xiaoxing’an Mountains, feels more and more magical. It can be said that the trip to the Tangwang River Forest and Sea Strange Stone Scenic Spot is the perfect beginning of my wife and I’s self-driving trip to the northeastern frontier, and it will certainly be the most colorful chapter of this trip. Will you come to Tangwang River Forest and Sea Stone Scenic Spot someday?