The Qinghai Gobi has a peculiar building that looks like an alien base, and hundreds of kilometers around it are no-man’s land

A trip to Qinghai is always full of surprises, perhaps the rolling Kunlun Snow Mountains, or the gushing plateau springs in the open air. Maybe it’s like a Taoist temple where the masters live in seclusion, or maybe it’s a building like an alien base.

< span>We had such a surprise almost every day during our expedition of “the source of the three rivers, the mysterious Kunlun”. This time, the excavation was mainly in Golmud, the second largest city in Qinghai, a young city with only a few decades of history. Although it is only a county-level city affiliated to Haixi Prefecture, it is the second largest city in Qinghai after the provincial capital Xining.

< span>When it comes to this city, many friends who have not been there may not necessarily remember what interesting places are here, because it is really too low-key. In fact, there is Kunlun Mountain, the ancestor of all mountains, and the famous Sanjiangyuan and Hoh Xil. , there are the largest salt lake in China, the Chaerhan Salt Lake, and many lesser-known world-class wonders like the Kunlun Mountains Grand Canyon.

< span>If you don’t know how to play in Golmud, then you can just walk along National Road 315, known as China’s No. 66 Road, Chaerhan Salt Lake, U-shaped highway, Xitaijiner Lake, Yadan on the water… …almost peculiar natural scenery such as deserts, Gobi, saline-alkali flats, and saltwater lakes are strung together, and the scenery along the way is picturesque and beautiful.

< span>On that day, our car was driving along National Road 315, and we were going to visit the famous Danxia on the water. There were almost no grass along the way, or it was the desolate Yadan landform. It is said that the main reason is the local rainfall. It is small, has a large amount of evaporation, and the soil environment is not suitable for the growth of plants, but the Gobi wasteland presents an alternative natural beauty in different forms.

< span>But when our vehicle arrived at Jinel Lake in Dongtai, this once-famous Internet celebrity lake had disappeared (it could no longer be seen on the edge of National Highway 315). However, Ji discovered that in the vast Gobi, many novel buildings were built, just like alien bases.

We later learned that this looks very similar The building complex of the Alien Base is called Taijiner Wild Luxury Town, which is actually a camp built for tourists. It includes Salt Lake Yadan Villas, Dome Star vacancies, luxury RVs, wild luxury tents, etc., some of which are boat-shaped. The white houses, some with six-pointed star-shaped dome glass buildings, and some with rows of white tents, look very shocking from the air. After watching science fiction and science fiction movies, we can’t help but make up various plots.

< span>There are many beautiful scenery in the northwest. The only disadvantage is that the scenic spots are far apart. Almost half of the time is spent in the car. Taking us from Golmud to Yadan on the water as an example, the whole journey is more than 300 kilometers, and the round-trip is almost 8 hours, and there are Dongtai Jiner Lake, Xitai Jiner Lake, and U-shaped Internet celebrity road around Yadan on the water. If you want to rush back to Golmud at night, you can’t have fun in the scenic spot at all, you can only hurriedly punch a card. , so when this wild luxury town that looks like an alien base opens, it will definitely be very popular.