See “garbage” to act, the more divided the better! Shaoxing talent dispatched

Walking into the Dayechi Community in Yuecheng District, Shaoxing, there is a “scheduled” disposal point for domestic waste in the shape of a small wooden house, which is very interesting under the cover of big trees.

“It is clean and tidy, and there is no peculiar smell.” The citizens who came to visit and experience expressed their feelings.

This afternoon, Shaoxing’s garbage sorting theme of “the more divided the more beautiful” The publicity activities entered the “fixed time and fixed point” community. On the basketball court of Kuaigeyuan Community, citizens actively participated in games such as “Sorting Experts, Please Gather”, “Real Flying Chess” and other games that incorporate small knowledge of garbage classification.

“Cigarette butts belong to other garbage.” “Correct answer!”

“Empty shower gel bottles are recyclable.”

“Yes! Everyone should also remember to put the empty bottles Clean inside.”

The staff of Shaoxing City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau acted as referees. Difficult and easy to make mistakes.

Ms. Guo, a citizen who participated in the game, told the reporter that she originally thought that the No. 5 battery was harmful garbage. Through this game, she learned that the No. 1 and No. 5 batteries used daily When dry batteries have reached the national low-mercury or mercury-free technical requirements, they can already be disposed of as other garbage.“This activity can pass on knowledge to people around us and create a better environment for garbage classification Environment.”

During the event, some community residents brought various recyclables from their homes to the scene in exchange for small gifts such as toothpaste and reusable bags. “There are a lot of empty bottles accumulated at home, which are just used to exchange for laundry detergent.” An auntie of a resident said.

This year, Shaoxing issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Action of Deepening Domestic Garbage Treatment in Shaoxing City in 2022 “The More You Divide and the More Beautiful””. “We have built a complete working system from source reduction, to classified distribution, classified collection and transportation, classified disposal, from publicity and guidance to law enforcement supervision. “Sun Danqing, executive deputy director of the Office of the Leading Group for Domestic Garbage Classification in Shaoxing City, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, introduced that the Municipal Classification Office, on the basis of full research, has set “scheduled and fixed-point” delivery points according to regulations, and has continuously improved. Classification quality and overall environment of residential quarters and commercial streets.

According to statistics, as of the third quarter of this year,Shaoxing City’s domestic waste classification coverage rate reached 100%; Garbage growth rate -1.06%, continued to achieve negative growth; 505,600 tons of domestic waste and 53,400 tons of kitchen waste were harmlessly disposed of, saving 74,900 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 186,200 tons, and the harmless disposal rate of domestic waste reached 100%, and achieved new results in the deep utilization of resources.


Sun Danqing said that in the near future, they will also launch a garbage sorting “small program”. , Mixed transportation, etc., you can use the complaint and report function of the mini program to take photos and upload the problems found, and the relevant departments will verify the situation and solve the problem.