Illegal identification of fetal sex! A clinic in Yuecheng was investigated

Recently, according to the clues obtained earlier, the health administrative law enforcement team of Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City joined forces with Doumen The police station carried out surprise inspections, and strictly investigated and cleared the “black clinic” that secretly conducted the business of sex identification of babies.

The reported “black clinic” is hidden in Paojiang Tiangong Huating in the residential building of the community. In order to avoid alarming others, law enforcement officers pretended to be pregnant women and their family members and knocked on the door of the “black clinic”. After entering the door, the law enforcement officers found that the room was dimly lit and debris was piled up, and the doors of three rooms were open, one of which was a chess and card room, and the other two were used as temporary inspection rooms , the person who gave the B-ultrasound was a woman in red. After discovering the evidence, other law enforcement officers immediately entered the door to carry out inspections.

Law enforcement officers found another room where a man was lying down for an infusion, and the surrounding environment was worrisome: only two hangers were infusion holders There were also used hoses and ampoules in the bucket. After being discovered, the woman in red immediately stepped forward and pulled out the needle in the man’s hand. At the scene, law enforcement officers also found a large number of drugs and medical equipment such as anti-inflammatory drugs, cold medicines, infusion sets, infusion patches, and syringes.

After a preliminary investigation, the person involved was surnamed Sun, who claimed to have come to Shaoxing in June this year, and was introduced by an acquaintance and made an appointment by phone to do B-ultrasound Check,not only carry out non-medical sex identification of the fetus, but also give people anti-inflammatory infusion, and charge a certain fee. Because the party concerned failed to issue the “Medical Institution Practicing License” and relevant doctor qualifications on the spot, was suspected of illegal medical practice and non-medical sex identification of the fetus, and was severely investigated and dealt with by law enforcement agencies on the spot according to law.

According to reports, Yuecheng District has been cracking down on and investigating all kinds of illegal medical practices with zero tolerance and high pressure. Since the beginning of this year,has dealt with 16 cases of illegal medical practice, fined more than 1.2 million yuan, and transferred 2 cases to public security organs. Law enforcement officers remind that most of the “black clinics” are fake doctors who do not have the qualifications to practice. Most of them have hidden dangers, which can easily delay the patient’s condition. To this end, the general public is urged to go to regular hospitals for treatment if they are unwell, so as not to endanger their physical and mental health.

(Source: Shaoxing Daily)