0°C? The strong cold air is really moving, and the temperature in Shaoxing will plummet to single digits

Now it has entered the light snow solar term

This warmer pattern is still continuing… …

The highest temperature in Zhejiang these two days is mostly between 19-21℃

26-28, the highest temperature can reach 21-23℃

There are two more precipitations this week respectively Arranged on 25th and 27th

The showery weather will spread all over Zhejiang on the 25th Provincial scope

27-29 due to the confluence of northern cold air and warm and humid air

Another round of significant rainfall is on the way

There are some moderate to heavy rains!

Look at how hard Shaoxing is cooling

0″ width

Reminder from Shaoxing Meteorological Observatory:

In the next 7 days, there will be two intervals of rain. The 24th will be cloudy to cloudy, and the 26th will be cloudy. You can take advantage of the rain to take a break , Make arrangements for washing and drying.

Until the 29th, the temperature did not change much, the lowest temperature was 11~16℃, and the highest temperature was 19~24℃.

The next wave of cold air will blow your presence! ! !

Currently this wave of cold air is gathering strength,The temperature will plunge on the 30th, early December The temperature dropped to single digits throughout the day, let us experience the “taste of winter” willfully! Thick winter clothes should be prepared early!

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory:

From 26 to 27, there will be a cold wave affecting Xinjiang, western Gansu and western Inner Mongolia, and the temperature in most areas will drop by 10-16°C;

From the 28th to the 30th, the cold wave will continue to move eastward and southward, affecting the central and eastern regions, the southeastern part of Northwest China, parts of North China, the east and south of Northeast China, Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai and other placesThere will be light rain to sleet or snow successively, heavy snow or blizzard in parts of the eastern part of Jilin and Liaoning provinces; the temperature in most of the central and eastern regions will drop by 8~ 12°C, the temperature drop in some areas can reach 14-16°C, and the minimum temperature line of 0°C will gradually move southward to Guizhou and southern Hunan to in southern Zhejiang.

This is because the cold air in the north is currently holding back its big move. At the end of the month, it may bring a Boss-level cold wave to our country, and once again stage the “temperature diving” drama.