Sanya severely punishes hotel routines with half price to solve the worries of stranded tourists | Beijing News Express

August 7, tourists pick up takeaways in front of a hotel in Sanya. Photo/Xinhua News Agency

Recently, the Sanya epidemic has attracted much attention, and about 80,000 tourists have been stranded in Sanya. The local government immediately introduced measures against stranded tourists, such as the introduction of a half-price check-in policy, that is, hotels provide stranded tourists with half-price discounted renewal services.

However, in response to the half-price check-in policy of Sanya hotels, some stranded tourists reported that they encountered the hotel’s “heavy routines”: some hotels charge half price according to the store price, and some hotel prices increase by more than 4 times.

In this regard, on the afternoon of August 7, the Hainan Provincial New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters held a press conference to inform online tourists that individual hotels in Sanya did not implement relevant measures, and some hotels first raised prices and then In the case of discounts, the relevant departments have sent special personnel to the scene to deal with them. If there is an overcharge, it must be refunded.

The current round of the epidemic in Sanya is fierce, and its special features must be seen in the process of prevention and control. During the summer vacation, there are many tourists in Sanya and the mobility of people is large. From the static management of the city to the fact that tourists do not leave the island for the time being, Sanya, a “tourist paradise”, has also been pressed the pause button. Therefore, in the face of the gradually “quiet” Sanya, not only its epidemic situation continues to rise at a high level, but the housing issue of stranded passengers has also become the focus of public opinion.

Summer is the peak tourist season in Sanya, and hotel prices are not low. The so-called “half-price discount” under the routine actually increases the burden of stranded tourists.

August 4, in Sanya, Hainan, residents line up for nucleic acid sampling. Photo / Xinhua News Agency

In this context, the local area in Sanya has investigated the hotels that charge half-price after the price starts on the ground. At the same time, Sanya has also introduced more detailed policies, established a special service guarantee team, and set up a warm-hearted service hotline to ensure that the city’s basic necessities are complete in variety and sufficient supply, and the basic living needs of citizens and tourists are met to the greatest extent.

Strictly investigate the situation of “price increase before discount” and introduce various refined epidemic prevention policies to protect tourists and avoid unnecessary harm to the legitimate rights and interests of stranded tourists. As a tourist city, Sanya should take good care of stranded tourists and ensure that their lives are safe during their stay, which is also the proper meaning of epidemic prevention and control and urban management.

Not only that, but whether the stranded tourists can be accommodated well is also related to the city’s credit and image of Sanya. For a well-known tourist city like Sanya, only by guaranteeing the lives of stranded tourists can it satisfy the public’s expectations to the greatest extent, boost the public’s confidence in the city, and ensure the prosperity of the city’s future tourism market.

From Beihai to Sanya, there is an outbreak of an epidemic in a tourist city. It is necessary to consider the life of the local residents and make arrangements for the stranded tourists in a timely manner. This is also a big test for the local area. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to tourists’ feedback and formulating relevant policies, the specific implementation level also needs to continuously improve the details and do a good job in supervision. Of course, for the epidemic prevention in Sanya, we might as well continue to strictly check the price of hotels on the ground.

In what should have been a good season for sun and beaches, a pandemic forced the welcoming city to “calm down” temporarily. But the epidemic will eventually pass. I believe that under the protection of various measures, both local residents and stranded tourists can work together to tide over this difficulty.

Writing / Jiang Shiwei (media person)

Editor / Ma Xiaolong

Proofreading / Zhao Lin