Rush to the hot search! Is Su Bingtian a descendant of Su Dongpo? Multiple responses

Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi? ? ? On August 10, a topic suddenly appeared on the hot search: “Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi”

? ? ? It turned out that some netizens posted that they got a positive answer when they searched “Is Su Bingtian a descendant of Su Shi?” through a certain search engine

While the screenshots from the Internet show

According to the written records of Su’s ancestral hall

Su Bingtian is the twenty-ninth generation grandson of the famous poet Su Shi and Su Dongpo in the Northern Song Dynasty

As soon as the news spreads, it has also caused heated discussions among netizens

Some netizens suddenly realized: No wonder! After all, Su Shi is good at running: bamboo sticks and mans shoes are lighter than horses… and netizens have “opened their brains”

However, some netizens questioned the authenticity of the incident, saying “I am afraid Su Bingtian is the last person to know about this”

According to Red Star News

About whether Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi

A staff member of the village committee of Guyi Village, Zhongshan, Su Bingtian’s hometown, said he “doesn’t know”

In addition, Zhou Yukai, president of the China Su Shi Research Society, said that through the understanding of the society, there are many people who claim to be descendants of Su Shi and those who have Su Shi’s genealogy. Woolen cloth? Liu Qingquan, director of the Research Office of the Sansu Culture Research Institute in Meishan City, Sichuan, said: “I guess there is no such thing. If there is, it is all newly compiled.” In fact, from Su Bingtian’s social media, he never mentioned it. It’s really interesting that I’m a descendant of Su Shi/// This hot search is really interesting. One is a great writer in ancient times and one is an outstanding athlete in modern times. Because of the same surname “Su”, they are linked together

At present, the question of whether Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi cannot be determined for the time being. As for the answer, it is no longer important. The important thing is that they have displayed a transcendental spirit in their respective eras and fields, that is, “transcending oneself, Keep moving forward” This spiritual fit has connected them perfectly and that’s enough! what do y’all think?

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