Resolving Hate: How Paedophiles Are Treated in Foreign Prisons…

Indecent and sexual assault of young girls usually makes many people feel their teeth are gritted.

Today, I will share with you the real case of pedophile criminals receiving retribution on August 18th. Let us experience together how foreign prisons treat pedophiles.

One ​​morning, prison officers in Cook County, Illinois, were taken aback by the sight of Barn 23 as they opened their 8th District cells.

Prisoner DD’s cell was full of blood and feces, the floor was a mess, and he himself was shivering next to the toilet, looking like he was dying.

The prison guard quickly understood what was going on, because the man was a pedophile, so he called the doctor unhurriedly and ignored him.

DD was jailed for raping a 1-year-old.

He was sentenced to 3 years, and today is his 30th day in prison. For 30 days, he has been brutally raped by other inmates every day. Life is better than death.

The prison guards are aware of this situation from top to bottom, and they are not oblivious to it.

“No one sympathized with him, and I think he finally figured out why he was being abused.”

DD’s first day in jail started with all eyes on him, all the abuse he deserved.

Following this serious prison attack, prison medics stitched up the stab wound in his back area from a sharpened screw and kindly helped him remove The damaged anus is sewn together.

Five days later, he returned from the infirmary to his cell. The prisoners removed the stitches from DD, injuring him again.

Today, he never has a clean prison uniform to wear, and every day wherever he sits there is a smear of blood. Live every day like a moving corpse.

As child abusers, pedophiles are the lowest-ranked species in prisons, and abuse and torture are the norm.

Prisoners generally treat a pedophile with feces and urine every day.

And prison gangs don’t take them so lightly, they do justice on their own and specialize in beating up jailed pedophiles.

Australia’s long-established white supremacist gang W2K and newly formed 8KINGS have never spared jailed pedophiles.

And they are felons themselves, and they don’t care if their sentences add a few more years, so torturing these pedophiles at all costs is their way of entertainment.

These gangs demand that newly-incarcerated pedophiles confess their crimes before they start beating them.

Some people say that even pedophiles have human rights, does the government care?

“Separating paedophile prisoners is almost impossible because prisons are already operating at capacity,” said McMahon, president of the Australian Human Service Association’s corrections department.

And Australia does not have the death penalty anyway, there is no chemical castration, and at most life imprisonment.

What a disaster it would be for such a person to return to society, and the mother had to applaud the “justice” in the prison.

Paedophile BK sentenced to life in prison for killing Sunshine Haian primary school student DM.

His days in prison were dark and dark, and other criminals were so disgusted by his pedophile rapes that they would beat him whenever they got the chance.

Prisoner Adam poured a vat of scalding hot water over BK last month after beating him, causing him to be permanently disfigured.

This incident made Adam a hero in prison, and everyone was eager to punish pedophiles. “Anyone who hits him will be treated like a national hero.

A Colorado inmate who has been withheld from his name, also hailed as a hero by his fellow inmates, admitted to stabbing former Cyborg spokesperson Jared Fogel.

Fogel was pronounced dead at 3:03 a.m. the next day.

He was bleeding from his nose and nose, his face was swollen, and his neck was covered in streaks. “Fogel is probably the most hated inmate in our prison and I know he won’t get out alive. Too many people here want him dead because of what he did.

There is only so much we can do to protect him. You just need to ask a little to know what I’m saying is true. Prison Guard Jeffrey Wells told reporters.

Fogel suffered 58 stab wounds to the anus and was severely beaten, according to the medical examiner’s report.

Colorado Medical Attorney Richard Walker said: “I’ve never seen a death like this, it’s brutal. I can’t even imagine the pain he suffered.”


“I remember 3 people rushing into his cell and beating him in the most brutal way. He climbed out of the cell several times and was dragged in again. The cell was far from me 6 meters away, but I could hear bones breaking.”

“He died on the way to the hospital, and the person involved in the assault received an additional 5 years in prison.” Fogel for having sex with a minor and possessing child pornography Works, sentenced to 5 years and 8 months in federal prison.

But he hasn’t made it past his first year.

“Paedophiles are dead from the moment they step into prison. They will be punished in prison.” In 2000, eight-year-old British girl Sarah Payne was brutally murdered by pedophile killer Roy Whiting, and the police soon discovered the truth and arrested Whiting and jailed him.

Whiting was beaten with a thermos by fellow prisoners, resulting in multiple severe burns. It was so severe that even the guards said he needed treatment, but he didn’t need to be taken to the hospital.

Although he survived again this time, there is every indication that he is an obvious target.

Before this attack, he had been blinded in one eye by a prisoner in 2011 with a special sharp toothbrush, and it is not ruled out that more prisoners will bully him in the future.

“Everyone deserves what happened to him. How can he survive in such an environment. It’s hard to imagine.

A prisoner at Desert State Penitentiary in Highland, California, recounts what happened there. “One day, a prison guard showed us a newspaper with a photo of a child molester named AA who kidnapped and threatened two children, causing them to die.

The prison guard looked at the report with cold eyes and pointed it out to me. Although he didn’t say anything, everyone knew that something extraordinary was going to happen next. “

This riot lasted for more than 5 minutes. During the period, it was full of roaring, yelling, whistling, and everyone united hotly. It was not until the prison guard sounded the alarm that everyone stopped and started immediately. Cleaning up, cleaning up the scene, talking and laughing is like having a party.

Around 10:00 that night, AA came to our area and more than 50 people rushed to beat him, he was beaten half to death.

“The next morning, we were rewarded. No one mentioned AA again, it was like it never happened. They didn’t kill AA, they just beat him up, Because this kind of person should be kept and tortured slowly.”

Even the most heinous criminals in prisons know that harming children is the most immoral act, not to mention the use of sexual assault to keep children in the shadows for a lifetime.

These criminals tell us that no matter how evil, there must be a bottom line!