Comfortable like a quilt covered with clouds! Soybean fiber, an upstart in the fiber industry, regret not covering it earlier!

We all know that quality sleep can keep you energized throughout the day, and you can work and study with ease.

In the blink of an eye, it entered October. At this time, when sleeping at night, the thin summer quilt is not enough, and it is time to change to the thick quilt for autumn and winter.

But when I pulled out last year’s thick quilt from the closet and covered it, I always felt a strange smell.

I still feel itchy all the time, and changing the quilt and drying the quilt doesn’t help.

This is because because it is covered for one or two months all the year round, it is prone to breed various mites and fine jun in the closet.

When you put it on, they crawl around you, allergy itching, red bumps, dandruff… it’s a “masterpiece”.

If I want to buy a quilt that is comfortable and will not easily breed fine jun, what material should I choose?

In the textile industry, there is a god-level existence, which is called the eighth largest fiber in the world – Soybean fiber.

It’s a sweet treat in the eyes of scientists, derived from soybeans, light and warm, and anti-jun moisture.

Better than cashmere, with the luster of silk and the warmth and skin-friendly properties of cotton, it is known as “healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly fiber in the new century“.

So when the seasons change, soybean fiber is so great, how can anyone miss it? !

After repeated comparisons, I finally shared this good quilt with everyone before the cold winter——

Western Region Loulan Brushed Print

SoyProtein fiber quilt

Autumn and winter warm heart price: 99 yuan/bed

Three colors available: white, pink, jade

Size 200*230cm

Western Region Loulan is named after the silk road that used to be the only way to go, which means the combination of ancient techniques and modern textile technology, mainly health and comfort.

Selected in CCTV Shopping “Chinese Goods”: The first batch of CCTV Chinese Goods selected, the CCTV host brings the goods, and is the platform for Chinese goods.

It is a rare “functional quilt” on the market. The addition of soybean fiber can not only effectively avoid mites, but also has a soft, cloud-like touch. ~

You can feel the warmth as soon as you enter the quilt. People with cold hands and feet will no longer have to cover the quilt!

It’s like sleeping in milk and soy milk, I relieve the pressure unconsciously, relax and feel at ease, and sleep until dawn, it’s so comfortable~

It’s no wonder that the sisters who bought it are full of praise: “very soft and comfortable“, “super warm“, “very soft and comfortable” strong>Excellent value for money“.

Besides, the 200*230cm size can at least satisfy a family of three lying together.

Three colors are available: white, pink, jade, it is a good enjoyment to cover it~

Mama’s baby-like care, 99 yuangets, it’s a great deal!

Soy fiber filling, restful sleep

The main reason this quilt is so strong is that it is specially filled with 10% Soy Fiber + 90% Polyester.

So what is filled soy fiber?

It is made from natural edible-grade soybeans, and the protein of soybeans can be made into soybean protein fiber by using advanced bioengineering technology.

And the main properties of soy fiber are fluffy, warm, warm quickly, and breathable and moisture-wicking.

It takes into account the advantages of cashmere, silk and cotton, and always gives you a comfortable quilt.

As for why it is only filled with 10%, this is the ratio determined after many scientific experiments, because if the content is high, the quilt will be easily hardened.

The scientific ratio of 10% not only retains the advantages of soybean fiber, but also avoids the disadvantages.

Look at the heat sensor, sleep and get up again, less than 5 seconds, the temperature of the quilt will rise.

And the whole body is warm, even if you sleep in in winter, you no longer have to worry about whether your body is warm or not.

Sleep with it on, Even if you sweat, it will quickly expel moisture and stuffiness.

The formed heat dissipation cycle keeps the quilt in a comfortable and fluffy state!

And soybean saponins and soybean isoflavones contained in soybeans have the properties of repelling mites and not producing jun.

In addition, soybean fiber is a good material for skin care.

Because the main component of beans is protein, and human skin is also composed of protein.

Sleep under cover every night to nourish the skin without knowing it, especially suitable for dry autumn and winter climates.

Sleep for a long time, the body can become tender~

Full page filling, detail quilting

This quilt uses full-page filling, which has the advantage of being less prone to hardening and extending the life of the quilt.

Fixed-point quilting process, after scientific calculation, quilting is carried out in a fixed position, so that the quilt core does not shift and align.

Excellent sanding process, no pilling, and it will look like new after years of use! No problem for a few more years!

Delicate piping for firm edges that won’t break loose;

Simple corner straps, which help us fix the quilt core and quilt cover intimately;

Reactive printing, it will not fade after repeated washing~

The importance of a good quilt for sleep is self-evident.

Only a soft and breathable quilt can make you feel stress-free, completely relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Western Region Loulan Brushed Print

SoyProtein fiber quilt

Autumn and winter warm heart price: 99 yuan/bed

Three colors available: white, pink, jade

Size 200*230cm