Reminder: Taking these 5 kinds of medicines often may increase the risk of falling in the elderly. Do you take self-examination?

“Falls” are the number one killer of accidental injuries to the elderly worldwide!

According to the data survey, it shows that among the elderly residents over 65 years old in my country, 21%~23% are men, which is 43~44% of women have fallen, ranking fourth in the cause of accidental injury death among the whole population in our country. The probability of falling gradually increases with age.

Injuries from falls of the elderly not only cause soft tissue injuries such as bruises or bruises, but also some people hit their heads due to falls. Caused trauma, even bed rest, caused pneumonia, urinary tract infection, thrombosis and other complications and even death. While this condition is linked to age, it could also be related to the medications you take on a daily basis.


Reminder: Taking these 5 medicines often may increase the risk of falling in the elderly, self-examination has you food?


Often taking this type of medicine is more likely to cause general fatigue, decreased responsiveness, drowsiness and even cognitive impairment. Some doctors and pharmacists who have seen your medicine will, It is recommended that you take it before going to bed.

Especially those whose central nervous system is more affected are not only the elderly, but drivers who drive for a long time also need special attention.

Antianginal drugs

This type of drug expands the human body, blood vessels can easily lead to orthostatic hypotension, and many people will feel dizzy and cause falls, so this The elderly should be more careful when taking drugs of this type.

Drugs for lowering blood pressure

Nowadays, there are more and more people with high blood pressure, and the use of antipressant drugs is becoming more and more widespread, but this type of drugs can easily lead to hypotension, especially postural hypotension, which reduces the blood perfusion of the brain. cause unsteady standing.

Combined with dizziness, weakness, incontinence, blurred vision, etc., it is more likely to cause falls.

Drugs for lowering blood sugar< /span>

For patients with hyperglycemia, it is necessary to take some hypoglycemic drugs regularly and quantitatively every day, which is more likely to lead to hypoglycemia. Causes dizziness.

Some uncommon medicines

Have you ever taken antiarrhythmic drugs? Long-term use of this type of drugs is more likely to cause blurred vision, drowsiness, dizziness and fatigue, and some drugs will have reminders in this regard, increasing the risk of falls. There are too many types of drugs now.


< p data-track="19">How should the elderly use medicine to prevent falls?

First of all, you must know what medicine you are taking, and understand the side effects of these medicines. There are many kinds of medicines used by the elderly, and it is difficult to remember clearly. It is recommended to ask a pharmacist. Never take medicines shared by others in your life , each person’s body metabolism is different, it is very likely that others are safe but have great side effects.

The second most important thing is to take medicines, all You should sit in a safe place, even dizziness or fainting is not dangerous, and do not get up and walk around for an hour after taking the medicine, because some medicines work very quickly, it is difficult to know when it will start to work , it is recommended that even if you are walking, you should be accompanied by someone.

In the end, there are really dizziness or lack of energy. There are too many side effects of this kind. You can discuss with the doctor to change the medicine, such as sleeping pills, which can be replaced with very invisible medicines. In order to prevent this situation, it is also possible to lay fingers, sliding mats or soft cushions at home, so that the elderly can live in a room with sufficient light to reduce falls.

In general, the elderly because of comorbidities In many cases, people often need to take a variety of drugs. As they age, their physical function and resilience weaken, and they become a high-risk group that is prone to falls. Therefore, they should take drugs on time and in quantity.

Especially when the body changes, follow the trilogy, that is, lie flat for 30 seconds, sit up for 30 seconds, stand for 30 seconds, and then Walk and avoid sudden changes in position to prevent falls. I hope that every “one treasure” of each family is a “tumbler”.