Strawberries cannot be eaten by children. Are there 4 reasons? The truth is different from what you think, increase your knowledge

There is usually one child in the family, two or even three at most. Parents always hope to give the best and most nutritious food to their children, so that they can Promoting the healthy growth of children means that after the improvement of living conditions, we will try our best to provide children with better material and spiritual life guarantees.

Seeing some novel fruits, not only unique in taste, rich in nutrition, but also high in value, many parents I will buy them back for my children to eat. Strawberries are probably the most common one now.

Strawberries in winter are relatively expensive, sweet and sour, but as long as children like how expensive they are, parents will not I will hesitate, and the nutritional value of strawberries is very high. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eating strawberries in moderation can also effectively detoxify and clear away heat, and help children regulate the spleen and stomach. Yes, many people now think that strawberries cannot be eaten because they contain hormones that may cause Precocious puberty, can children eat strawberries?

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There are 4 reasons why strawberries cannot be eaten by children? The truth is different from what you think, and knowledge has increased Because of staining?

Many parents find that strawberries have serious discoloration when cleaning strawberries. Because of the color, but because strawberries contain a lot of anthocyanins, the food and vegetables we usually eat also contain anthocyanins, and there are also cases of fading.

However, in order to make strawberries look better, many manufacturers will put a red coat on them, so it is recommended When buying, be sure to carefully observe the reddish color of strawberries, which are often tricky.

Are there pesticide residues in strawberries?

Now strawberries are not only liked by children, young and beautiful girls also like to eat them, but The price in winter is relatively high, and the question of whether strawberries have hormones is easy to be on the hot search. Many people have seen similar reports, but it is a bit hooligan to talk about toxicity regardless of dosage.

In 2020, many nutritionists have tested strawberries, and the pass rate of strawberries is as high as 98%. Strawberries purchased from regular channels can be eaten with confidence. Some people have diarrhea after eating strawberries and suspect that there are ripening agents or additives in them. When buying strawberries, we must learn to observe carefully.

Strawberry Is it an out-of-season fruit?

If it is divided according to the season, strawberry should be a summer fruit, and the time to market is In late spring and early summer, but now in winter, a large number of strawberries are on the market. This should be the result of high-tech planting technology. The temperature in the greenhouse can reach the environment suitable for strawberry growth, which also satisfies people’s appetite.

The strawberries in this season are not developed by hormones, but are grown under normal light. Low, it is more conducive to the accumulation of sugar in strawberries, so strawberries at this time taste more delicious than strawberries in normal seasons, so don’t worry, just wash them and eat them with confidence. But after all, it is out of season, and the intake of fruits should be controlled.

Strawberry is big because Did the merchant use “expansion agent”?

Many people have doubts when buying strawberries , Why are strawberries so big? Children are already full after eating a few. In addition, there is a chemical agent called bulking agent in life. Is it because of cell division and plant growth hormone secretion after spraying? Make our heads bigger and bigger.

In fact, our country is very strict about food testing. If you often go to the vegetable market, you will find that the things here will be spot-checked from time to time. Even if many manufacturers want to use them, they need to be approved by the state before they can be used. The consumption is very small, which is harmful to strawberries and any organs. Neither will cause great harm.

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How to choose strawberries?

Look at the color< /p>

When choosing strawberries, try to choose strawberries that are bright red and even, bright and shiny. Don’t choose those that are not completely red or half red and half purple. Not only is it immature but also has a sour taste.


< p data-track="23">Naturally ripe strawberries have a light fruity aroma, but dyed strawberries have no aroma at all or a faint green taste, so when buying strawberries, You can smell it.

Strawberry seed Color

Because the price of strawberries is very high, they are generally not allowed to taste, so you can see The seeds of strawberries, naturally ripe strawberries are mostly golden yellow. If more than 80% of the seeds of the whole strawberry are red, be careful to ripen or dye them. Such strawberries will taste rotten, so try to choose strawberry seeds when picking bamboo shoots, which are golden yellow.


Although strawberries are delicious, there are also precautions

Control the quantity

Although strawberries are delicious and have high nutritional value, they are good and appetizing Fruits, but eating too many strawberries may cause diarrhea. Do not eat too much at one time, especially for children whose gastrointestinal function is not perfect. Eating too much is more likely to cause diarrhea. Generally, 10-15 strawberries are enough each time. The shelf life is relatively short, so don’t buy too much at one time.

easy Allergic people do not eat

If you are allergic to strawberries, most of the strawberries in the ears protein about the egg in this strawberryWhite is similar to the allergens in chemical fertilizers. Strawberries have needlepoints with soft hairs, which are similar in nature to pollen. Therefore, this group of people is more prone to allergies, and it is best not to touch strawberries.

Washing strawberries can’t remove the stalks

Nowadays, many people use pesticides when growing strawberries, and there will be pesticide residues when they are sold, so when cleaning strawberries, be sure not to remove the stems of strawberries. Otherwise, these residues will penetrate into the strawberry and enter the human body, causing great harm.