Can you eat overnight dishes? An experiment by CCTV gave the answer, those who dare not eat understand

Chinese people have always been adhering to the habit of thrift and thrift. reflect.

Many people are reluctant to throw away leftovers. This attitude towards life is commendable, but there are some Overnight vegetables will produce toxins during the storage process and cannot be eaten. Therefore, blind diligence and thrift will have an impact on health.

I have heard the saying that overnight vegetables cause cancer more than once in life, and many people believe it Doubtful, some people sneered at this statement, so can overnight dishes be eaten?


Is overnight food okay to eat? An experiment by CCTV gave the answer, for those who dare not eat, please understand

Some people think You can’t eat overnight vegetables because of the nitrite contained in them. After the overnight vegetables are heated again, more nitrite substances will be produced. This is a carcinogen, so you can’t eat overnight vegetables. Is this really the case?

CCTV’s “Truth Investigation” team once conducted an experiment involving 4 dishes, namely Stir-fried rapeseed, fried pork with mushrooms and black fungus, shredded potatoes with sharp peppers, steamed fish.

After placing these foods for 15 hours, the nitrite content in them was analyzed, only fried Rapeseed, mushrooms, and black fungus fried meat have some changes, but they are also lower than the standard range of nitrite in fresh food.

That is food After being placed for 15 hours, the nitrous acid content in it meets the standard, and there will be no risk of cancer to the body due to nitrite.

Some people think that the longer the food is left, the more bacteria will grow in it, so It is said that overnight dishes cannot be eaten, and experiments have been done on this problem.

It was finally found that food stored at 4 degrees Celsius can inhibit the growth of bacteria in it because the temperature is relatively low , so food spoilage can be avoided.

At low temperature Among the preserved food, most of the dishes can be preserved for a long time, so overnight dishes can be eaten normally, so as long as you can master scientific methods, not all overnight dishes can not be eaten, so how to eat overnight dishes is safe Woolen cloth?


How to eat overnight food to be safe?

The storage time should not be too long

The low-temperature environment of the refrigerator can only inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, but it cannot sterilize them. It is recommended not to store leftovers for more than 12 hours. If the storage time is too long, the nitrite produced is difficult to remove after high temperature heating.

Repeated heating will also lead to loss of nutrients, decrease in taste, and the number of microorganisms on the surface of the food will continue to increase, so the remaining After the leftovers are heated, it is best to finish them as soon as possible, and do not continue to store them in the refrigerator.

< span>Storage reasonably

Leftovers should be kept safe and When clean tableware is placed, it is necessary to ensure the safety and sealing of the material, so as to avoid cross-infection and delay the reproduction of bacteria.

Store different leftovers separately

It is best to store different leftovers such as meat and vegetables in clean containers such as fresh-keeping boxes and bags to avoid bacterial cross-contamination.

Heat thoroughly

< p data-track="23">Before eating leftovers, leftovers must be thoroughly heated, boiled completely, and boiled for more than three minutes to inactivate the microorganisms on the surface of the food. It is recommended to use steaming and boiling methods when heating, and it must be thoroughly heated before eating.

When warm Put it in the refrigerator

Many people will put the food in the refrigerator after it is completely cooled. But it is not recommended to do this, because food is easily contaminated by bacteria if it is outside for a long time.

Do not put food with high temperature in the refrigerator, because the heat emitted by the food will condense into water vapor Moisture is conducive to the reproduction of various microorganisms and promotes food mildew, so wait until the food is warm before putting it in the refrigerator.