How dirty are the sheets if they are not washed for 3 months? How often is the best time to wash? Don’t be lazy after reading this

Many people use skin care products, change one after another, and do cleaning frequently, but acne and pimples still appear on the face, what is the reason for you?

If it tells you that you have acne, it may be related to your bed sheets, especially if you don’t wash them for a long time. The replacement creates a lot of bacteria, leading to a cleansed face that, no matter how well done, can lead to breakouts and pimples.

Bacteria are microorganisms invisible to the naked eye, often lurking in our daily necessities, and there are many types , Different bacteria have different effects on the human body. Some bacteria are beneficial, while others can cause disease and damage to the body. However, more people ignore some cleaning of daily necessities, which may become a nest of bacteria.

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How dirty are the sheets if they are not washed for 3 months? How often is the best time to wash? Don’t be lazy after reading it

Many people change their clothes almost every day, but rarely clean their bedding , plus 1/3 of a person’s life is spent in sleep, sheets and quilts, and pillows are more prone to “health hazards” if they are used for a long time.

A person will probably emit about 200ml of sweat when sleeping, not changing the sheets for ten days is equivalent to leaving 5.5 catties of sweat. People who are prone to cold sweats at night will sweat more, and the humid and warm conditions are a breeding ground for bacteria, which will allow the body’s own metabolism to automatically shed dander.

In autumn and winter, the skin is dry and dehydrated The amount of crumbs will increase, the sheets and quilts will also have some grease residue, and the mixture of saliva, dust and urine will breed a lot of bacteria.

Such sheets and quilts look clean, but they can easily lead to onychomycosis, jock itch and other skin diseases. With breathing during sleep, microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi on the sheets may also enter the body, affecting respiratory tract infections, and women are more likely to suffer from gynecological diseases.


How often should bed sheets be washed

The recommendation is once a week, but there are statistics It shows that 1/3 of people wash their sheets every two weeks. Sheets will become the warehouse of human cells, bacteria and body secretions. The warm and humid environment is a hotbed of dust. Their excrement can also cause people’s allergic reactions.

So every morning, you should pull back the quilt and open the window to let the volatile The moisture and humidity on the sheets should be changed every week and washed with 60-degree hot water, which will make them cleaner and healthier.


Share three tips for cleaning your sheets so they look like new

Rice washing and orange peel are effective

This cleaning method is more suitable for those who cannot be washed with bleach, and the sheets are natural No pollution will not damage the fabric of the bed sheet. It is easy to operate. Every time you cook, you only need to leave the rice washing water in advance, and then boil it with a little orange peel. Then pour hot water into the basin and add an appropriate amount of water , Soak the yellowed sheets for half an hour and rub them several times to clean them.

Bleach cleaning

This method is more suitable for some light-colored bed sheets. Light-colored sheets are prone to yellowing. Generally, yellow dirt is still stubborn and can be cleaned with bleach, so look at the label before cleaning. .

Use ammonia to remove yellowing caused by sweat stains Stains

Everyone’s body will secrete sweat and oil, these things will be stained after contacting the fibers of the sheets It will solidify and increase the difficulty of cleaning, causing the sheets to turn yellow, which can be solved with ammonia water. Prepare a basin of water in advance, add two spoonfuls of ammonia water to the water, then soak the sheets in the basin for an hour, rub them with your hands a few times, and the yellow stains can be cleaned!

Whether the bed sheets are clean is closely related to health, so the bed sheets should be cleaned regularly, preferably once a week, and other details are best cleaned several times a fortnight , If you don’t wash it for a month, it will be worse than your toilet.