Quickly look through the household registration book, don’t have these 4 words, it’s a big trouble if you don’t understand, after reading it, remind your family

Every family will have a household registration book, which is a symbol of our identity, but if your family’s household registration book has these four characters, it will have a great impact on our life. impact, what is the impact? Let’s take a look together. There are four words on the account book that you should pay attention to. It may bring you a disadvantage, so don’t ignore it.

You can open the page of the permanent resident population registration card of the household registration book, and there is a military service status in the lower right corner, and check if there are four words of refusal to perform military service. If there is, it will have a great impact on us in the future. Many friends want to know why the four words objection to military service are left on the household registration book, and why do some friends not? Because we were deserters. Enrolling in the army in our country is voluntary, and there are no mandatory requirements. Once we choose to enroll in the army, and then are admitted to the army, but we do not report to the army, and choose to be untrustworthy, the household registration book will be left at this time. The four words for objection to military service.

The second situation is that we have already joined the army, but we think that the conditions of the army are difficult, and if we are deserters, we will also leave a refusal on the account book. The four words military service.

The first effect of objection to military service is that there is no way to join the army anymore. If we were deserters in the middle, and we thought about it after returning home, if we wanted to continue serving as soldiers, we would be directly rejected by the army, because we had already been deserters, and the four words objection to military service were left on the household registration book. If the circumstances are serious, if the children of future generations want to sign up for the army in the future, others will see the words “rejection of military service” in our household registration book. If the circumstances are too serious, they will also refuse our children to join the army. Influence the next generation, don’t refuse military service.

The second effect is that there will be no way to be admitted to the civil service in the future. If it is said that after you refuse military service, within three years, you will not be able to take the national adult education examination, you will not be able to enter a state-owned enterprise, you will not be able to get a civil service examination, and you will not be able to go through procedures such as reinstatement of your student status, which will affect our academic qualifications. It affects our work and our lives. Therefore, the consequences of refusing to perform military service are very serious, and everyone must not refuse military service.

A third effect of objection to military service affects personal credit. Once a deserter, there are four words on the household registration book of refusal to perform military service, and personal credit will be pulled into the blacklist, which will affect the credit investigation. If it is said that credit reporting is affected, it will be difficult to do anything in society. For example, even a credit card cannot be processed. In society, if you want to buy a car or a house, you need to get a loan from a bank. When the bank sees that we have problems with credit reporting, it will not grant a loan. At this time, it will increase a lot of pressure on our economy. So don’t go to ambush.

produces a fourth effect that restricts travel. If we say that after we refused to serve in the military, our personal credit was blacklisted and became a dishonest person, and if we wanted to do some public transportation, it would be hard to do. Like our country, there are some public transports that are not open to the untrustworthy. For example, if we want to go abroad to buy a plane ticket, or want to go out to other provinces to buy a train ticket, it is very difficult to buy. So everyone, don’tTo refuse military service has a very big impact.

If you choose to be a soldier next time, you must Persevere to the end and don’t be a deserter. We must clearly understand the phrase “being a soldier is honorable, but deserting is shameful”, If we say that we are deserters, the four words of objection to military service will be left in the household registration book. Are these effects very important? Hurry up and share this little coup, your sharing can help more people in need.