Worry about uremia “coming to the door”, 5 things to help you stay away from uremia

Uraemia is a comprehensive disease, a clinical syndrome shared by various advanced renal diseases. The end stage of chronic renal failureis For what is commonly known as uremia.

So, how should kidney disease patients stay away from uremia?

1,Regular physical examination and early detection

As the saying goes, early detection and early treatment. There are many bad habits in life that can cause toxic damage to the kidneys. It is best to maintain a regular physical examination every year. When we find thatabnormal urine test and elevated creatinine, there may be signs of renal damage.We cannot take it lightly. Start treatment immediately. We need to do a more comprehensive examination under the guidance of a doctor and make a timely diagnosis.

2. Daily diet attention

For the chronic disease of kidney disease, kidney friends must be aware that the daily eating and living habits will also have a significant impact on the disease. Quit smoking,Toxic substances in smoke can directly damage the kidneys of smokers. Limit alcohol, Alcohol needs to be excreted through the kidneys, so drinking will increase the burden on the kidneys. Eat more high-quality, low-protein diets, and reduce foods that are high in salt, sugar,fat, and high in purines.

3. Pay attention to your situation in time


For patients with kidney disease, they will gradually enter the stage of uremia with the development of the disease without paying attention. The color becomes darker and contains a lot of foam, and there will be dull pain in the waist. At the same time, it will be accompanied by anemia, dizziness, etc. It should be noted that it may be the manifestation of aggravated kidney disease.

4.Avoid infection

Kidney disease is an immune disease, and some people are prone to infection due to long-term malnutrition. Urinary tract infections, in particular, can induce or aggravate chronic kidney disease. If the infection persists, it is likely to cause permanent damage to the renal function zone.

5.Keep an optimistic attitude

Not all kidney disease will develop into chronic renal failure or uremia, keep an optimistic attitude and don’t be too Worry about the symptoms of the disease and actively treat it. Maintain the regularity of life and exercise properly to improve resistance.