The First People’s Hospital of Ningyang County: “Small pennant” conveys “big praise”, and the medical service warms people’s hearts

Correspondent Yang Kangning

A pennant embodies warmth, recognition and trust, and it is also a kind of responsibility and encouragement. There are not so many poetic and picturesque scenes in life, and there are not so many storms and storms. There are always some heart-warming stories. The ordinary touching happened around the First People’s Hospital of Ningyang County, bringing doctors and patients full of positive energy!

On November 17, Ms. Dong, who had recovered and was discharged from the hospital, was holding a piece of paper with the words “Noble medical ethics, The pennant “excellent medical skills” was sent to the medical staff of the Geriatrics Department of the hospital to express their gratitude and praise to Zhou Yanmin’s medical team and Wei Jingxiang’s nursing team. Ms. Dong is an “old acquaintance” in the Geriatrics Department of the hospital. She suffers from hypertension, coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cerebral infarction and other geriatric diseases. Her blood pressure is as high as 220/110mmHg. He was admitted to the geriatric department of the hospital for treatment. Because Ms. Dong suffers from a variety of diseases and complications, treatment is difficult. According to the symptoms of Ms. Dong each time she was admitted to the hospital, Zhou Yanmin’s medical team gave precise treatment based on the examination situation, and combined various treatments such as anti-platelet aggregation, lipid-lowering and stable plaque, improving microcirculation, and nourishing the myocardium. After several days of symptomatic treatment After treatment, the symptoms were relieved and the body recovered gradually. During Ms. Dong’s hospitalization, Wei Jingxiang’s nursing team took good care of her. No one accompanied her for the examination, and the nurse accompanied her. When she was free or in a bad mood, the nurse chatted with her to help her relieve her anxiety. Meticulous nursing service makes Ms. Dong feel the warmth of home.

They care about patients and provide satisfactory nursing services for each patient with love, patience, care and responsibility. This is just a microcosm of the hospital’s medical staff to protect the health of every patient. Behind the banner, the hospital’s service concept of “all for the health of the people” shines. It conveys not only the gratitude of patients and their families, but also the recognition of medical staff, which will motivate hospital medical staff to provide more professional medical services for each patient as always.

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