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Author: Xie Jiangqiang

If Qi is the power generated by the operation of the “engine” of the human body, then blood is the gasoline that provides the engine to run, and blood is the The material basis of qi, so Chinese medicine has the theory that “blood is the mother of qi”. The profit and loss of blood can be best expressed in the complexion, so the most intuitive and common manifestation of blood deficiency is pale complexion without blood color, and the color of other parts such as tongue, conjunctiva and nails is also lighter than normal. Slow recovery of redness after nail compression is also an obvious feature of blood deficiency. In addition, blood also has the function of nourishing and nourishing, so if blood deficiency cannot nourish the head, dizziness and blurred vision will occur; if it cannot nourish the mind, there will be heart palpitations, forgetfulness, and insomnia; Limb numbness. For women, blood deficiency can also affect menstruation. Generally, menstrual cycle is prolonged, menstrual time is shortened, and menstrual blood volume is less and pale.

Basic recipes for health care

Rehmannia glutinosa 240 grams, angelica 150 grams, white peony root 150 grams, red peony root 90 grams, 150 grams of Danshen, 150 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 150 grams of Caulis Spatholobus, 150 grams of Codonopsis, 150 grams of Astragalus, 150 grams of Polygonatum, 150 grams of Eucommia, 150 grams of wolfberry, 150 grams of Chinese yam, 150 grams of wild jujube kernels, 150 grams of Baiziren, 60 grams of cinnamon, 90 grams of roasted licorice, 60 grams of amomum, 150 grams of gallinaceous gold, thickly decocted for juice.

In addition: 250 grams of donkey-hide gelatin, 100 grams of tortoise shell glue, 100 grams of raw sun-dried ginseng, 60 grams of Ziheche, 150 grams of rock sugar, 150 grams of maltose, and collect the ointment. Addition and subtraction

Insomnia and dreaminess:

Add 150 grams of silkworm skin and 90 grams of vine.

Palpitation and palpitation:

Add 300 grams of keel and 300 grams of magnet.


Add 150 grams of Yizhi kernels, 150 grams of walnut kernels, and 60 grams of polygala.

Blurred vision:

Add 150 grams of Chuzizi and 150 grams of Cassia seeds.

Those who are afraid of cold:

Add 80 grams of deer horn glue. Hypochondriac pain:

Add 150 grams of turmeric and 150 grams of raw malt.

Dry and itchy skin:

Add 60 grams of cicada slough and 150 grams of Kochia scoparia.

Limb numbness:

60 grams of Jiadilong, 90 grams of peach kernels.

Reminder from the doctor

Actively look for the causes of blood deficiency, such as whether there are picky eaters, dieting, poor diet Reasonable and other factors that lead to insufficient blood production; whether there is chronic blood loss, such as women with heavy menstrual flow, short cycle, repeated bleeding from hemorrhoids, black stool or positive occult blood (a small amount of intestinal bleeding that cannot be detected by naked eyes), or repeated oozing of oral and gum lesions Blood, these are the causes of excessive blood loss. To correct the cause of the disease, the effect will be better if it is combined with ointment tonic.

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