Qin Yi suffered from cancer at the age of 44 and died at the age of 100. Her 4 anti-cancer secrets are worth learning from

Qin Yi, a beautiful woman who has suffered a lot and is indomitable.

In 1922, Qin Yi was born in Shanghai. At the same time, Qin Yi’s talent in film acting gradually revealed, and she seized the opportunity to participate in more than 40 films and TV series.

However, Qin Yi’s physical condition is not good. When she was about 40 years old and had a brilliant career, she was diagnosed with fat The tumor was removed half a year ago, and he was diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. Surgery again.

In the next few years, Qin Yi underwent 6 operations successively to remove her gallbladder and other organizations.

1966, Qin Yi 44 At the age of 18, she was at the peak of her career, but she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. As one of the malignant tumors with high morbidity and mortality risk, bowel cancer is less likely to be cured, so the doctor even asserted that her life is not long…

In that era, people thought that once diagnosed with cancer, it was equivalent to a death notice, which was impossible There is hope of survival.

However, he did not give up on himself, but actively fought against cancer. Because of this firmness,finally defeated the disease and lived the long life that everyone desires.

Qin Yi suffered from cancer at the age of 44 and died at the age of 100. Her 4 anti-cancer secrets are worth learning from

< span>【Maintain healthy eating habits】

Ms. Qin Yi learned that she had cancer Since then, I have been controlling my diet, adhering to the eating habits of less oil, less salt and less food, and not allowing myself to be picky eaters.

According to research, the occurrence of cancer is related to poor diet, soControlling the intake of salt and oil is the key to keep healthy.

【Keep a healthy mind】< /span>

Teacher Qin Yi once publicly said:Having a better mentality is The basis for maintaining a healthy body.

Whenever Qin Yi encounters unhappy things, she will actively adjust her mentality , Whenever encountering happy things, Teacher Qin Yi will feel that more than half of her illness has recovered.

Teacher Qin Yi avoids things that cause excessive mental stress, and avoids falling into disappointment, low self-esteem and depression Remain optimistic for a long time.

< strong>【Scientific treatment, active cooperation】

Currently clinically Treatment methods are still improving. After cancer is detected, patients need to receive standardized treatment to improve the chance of cure.

Ms. Qin Yi immediately after being diagnosed with cancerImmediately receiving active treatment also laid a solid foundation for Teacher Qin Yi’s healthy life in the future.

Actively cooperate with the doctor’s plan through scientific medical methods and the patient’s own confidence,< strong>It can help patients reduce their psychological burden.

【Insist on walking every day】< /span>

Even though she is usually busy, Ms. Qin Yi still tries to squeeze out time for walking, with an average of 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day. She said that she is a very persistent person and feels very comfortable every time she walks.

In addition, she often goes out for a walk with her family to exercise. She likes to take a walk in the community because In this way, she can see the surrounding scenery. Gradually,she has developed a persistent exercise habit. She gets up to exercise for 30 minutes every morning, eats and sleeps outdoors, and benefits her whole body.

It is also cancer, why some people die soon, but some people can live for many years

1 、 Different types of cancer

Cancer is not equal to cancer, Different types of cancer have different survival periods.For example, cancers such as liver cancer and pancreatic cancer have a very low survival rate, and they are likely to be diagnosed when they are discovered. In the late stage, it may take less than three months from discovery to your death.

2. Different stages of cancer< /p>

If cancer can be detected and treated as early as possible, the treatment effect will be very good.Early cancer can be cured The rate is relatively high. If it reaches the advanced stage, the treatment effect will be poor, the disease is difficult to control, and recurrence and metastasis will follow.

3. Patients have different mentality< /p>

Some patients are overwhelmed by cancer as soon as they hear that they have cancer, and some patients can actively fight against cancer, which will also affect Cancer treatment and recovery.

4 , Treatment is different

Once it is found that the cancer is also cancer, actively cooperate with the treatment, There may be a good treatment method to prolong the patient’s survival period.Everyone’s family conditions and personal constitution are different.

If you believe in some folk remedies or choose some cheap drugs, then in fact this It also affects the survival of patients.

5. Patients have different constitutions< /p>

The physical conditions are different. Among the same cancer patients, if the patient’s physical condition is better, even the same cancer, the patient’s survival cycle is the same different.

Which cancers are potentially curable?

Early Stage Cancer: Mostly Curable

First, Most early cancers may be cured through surgery + preoperative and postoperative treatment. Cancer is fatal because cancer cells do not age and die by themselves like normal cells. On the contrary, cancer cells will continue to proliferate and metastasize to other organs. It not only competes with vital organs for nutrients, but also destroys the functions of these organs, and thencauses the failure of multiple organ systems and causes the body to die.

If you want to cure cancer, you must eradicate the cancer cells in your body, and early Cancer is a cancer that has not been detected. For tumors that are suitable for surgery, as long as the primary tumor can be surgically removed, it is possible to eradicate all cancer cells, and some people may still It needs to be combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy.

extension ——What kind of cancer can survive with tumor?

Cancer can survive with tumors, generally there are lymphocytomas,mainly for chronic diseases, Due to the slow growth of tumor lesions, they gradually survive in the human body.

However,Different patients will have different tumor time No need, if there is a malignant late stage, systemic chemotherapy and local radiotherapy are required to avoid the spread of cancer cells, causing system damage and endangering life, and at the same time, the disease must be treated well during the illness complex.

Conclusion:Actually, cancer is not as scary as imagined. As long as we receive regular treatment and have a correct attitude, we can survive with cancer.