Lidong health secrets: eat jujube in Lidong, and you will not grow old in a year

The secret of Lidong’s health preservation: eat winter jujube in Lidong, and you will not grow old all year

As the saying goes: eat winter jujube in Lidong, you will not grow old in a year. This is not an exaggeration. Let’s eat a few jujubes every day, and eat it for half a month from Lidong to Xiaoxue, and your body will become better. up!

The birthplace of Dongzao is a small village in Zhanhua, Shandong. In Zhanhua, at the mouth of the Bohai Bay and the Yellow River, the land is all saline-alkali land. Logically speaking, this place should not have a long life. People were very curious at the time. Why are there so many centenarians in this village? Later, when foreigners came to visit, the people in the village took out winter dates to receive the guests. After staying for half a month, the guests felt that the winter dates were not only very delicious, but also made their bodies strong. Many people turned their gazes to Dongzao, which was a big deal.

p> Because the nutrients in this winter jujube are very rich, such a small jujube is rich in aspartic acid, threonine and other 19 kinds of essential amino acids for the human body. Think about it, this is just a small winter jujube , this small winter jujube is simply a huge treasure house, much stronger than most fruits, and it is not an exaggeration to be known as the king of all kinds of fruits.


ppppppp Another important function of winter jujube is that it can inhibit cancer cells, because there is a very special and miraculous substance in winter jujube – “cyclic adenosine monophosphate”. Don’t underestimate it, it has a place in today’s molecular biology. In an important position, cyclic adenosine monophosphate has a great effect, relaxing smooth muscle, dilating blood vessels, improving liver function, activating proteins, and having significant curative effects on cancer prevention, coronary heart disease and other diseases. In the fruit, the content of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in Dongzao is extremely high. According to the HPLC method, the content of cyclic adenosine monophosphate in Dongzao is as high as 139.0 μg/g, far exceeding other plants. There are too few good things like serious diseases.

In the season of winter, which is very beneficial for tonic, to replenish your energy to the best state, eat winter jujube for a perfect appearance and vitality, but also remember that there must be a limit to supplement. In addition to a few winter dates. Anti-cancer and anti-aging, supplement vitamins.