Qin Yi suffered from cancer at the age of 44 and died at the age of 100. Her 3 anti-cancer secrets are worth learning from

The definition of cancer or malignant tumor is that the normal cells of the body undergo qualitative changes under the long-term action of many internal and external factors.

With With the development of the times, the incidence of cancer has shown an increasing trend year by year. The specific reasons are as follows:

  • < span>Genetic factors

All tumors are There is a genetic nature, but most tumors are affected by genetic factors, accounting for only about 10%, 90% are caused by acquired factors, and about 5%-10% of tumors are family hereditary tumors, which are caused by congenital genetic susceptibility genes sickness.

The gene is determined by the genotype of the patient’s parents, so when the patient’s parents have gene mutations or gene defects When , their offspring are more likely to suffer from tumors.

  • Chemical Factors

Carcinogens are caused by several chemicals and toxins, usually It can affect any normal cell in the body. Tobacco is an example of this type of carcinogen. It can cause cancer in many parts of the body. Long-term exposure to chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde, or long-term exposure to tar and industrial waste gas may also induce cancer.

  • Psychological factors

The risk of cancer is significantly lower for people who are always optimistic about things, calm and stable, and actively seek solutions People who tend to be pessimistic and negative, avoid and retreat, and fall into negative emotional distress.

For example, when you are angry, it will be accompanied by increased adrenaline secretion, and when you are depressed or depressed, your cortisol level will increase. These abnormally secreted hormones will affect the body’s immunity. Patients who are unhappy and depressed for a long time are prone to malignant tumors such as breast cancer and lung cancer.

Suffering from cancer at the age of 44, and died at the age of 100, 3 habits may help Qin Yi defeat cancer cells, which are worth learning

People’s artist, famous actor Qin Yi , 4 hours after Mother’s Day, passed away and finished her wonderful life.

However, Qin Yi’s physical condition is not good. When she was about 40 years old and had a brilliant career, she was diagnosed with fat It has not been half a year since the surgical resection, and she was diagnosed with thyroid tumor again. No matter how unfair her fate is to her, she still faces the disease and maintains an optimistic mood. This is also the key to her longevity. reason.

At the age of 44, Teacher Qin Yi suffered from bowel cancer, and finally successfully defeated the disease and regained her health , What efforts has she made for this?

— —Maintain healthy eating habits for a long time

Qin Yi said that she learned that she had bowel cancer Afterwards, tell yourself to control your diet, and ensure that you have “less oil”, “less salt” and “eat less” for three meals a day, enrich your diet, and not picky eaters.

According to research, the occurrence of colon cancer is related to poor diet, so control the intake of salt and oil is the key to staying healthy.

Cancer patients need to pay special attention to their diet, they do not need a completely bland diet, but they need a reasonable balance, supplement Sufficient nutrition can improve their physical fitness and increase their strength against cancer cells.

—Mentality Well, the resistance is strong

Qin Yi believes that the mentality is the foundation of health. In an interview with family Chinese medicine, she said that health preservation should focus on adjusting the mentality, which is not abstract, but a connection between the heart and the brain.

In people’s cognition, cancer is an incurable disease. When they are told that they have cancer, People will also have a greater psychological burden. Negative emotions are not conducive to the recovery of the disease, but will also lead to continuous deterioration of physical symptoms.

Treat cancer with a positive attitude, live an active life, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, so that you can prolong your life life expectancy and improve the quality of life.

—Science Treat and actively cooperate Finally, patients need to receive standardized treatment to improve the cure rate.

Qin Yi has always carried out Comrade Deng Yingchao’s thoughts, insisted on standardized treatment, and laid a solid foundation for her longevity. Scientific and standardized treatment can be improved, and it can also help patients reduce the multiple economic and psychological burdens. Family members and doctors should help patients face cancer positively.

Conclusion: In fact, cancer is not as terrible as imagined. As long as we receive regular treatment and have a correct attitude, we can survive with cancer.