Can’t eat “steamed buns” if you have a bad stomach? Doctor reminds: If you want to nourish your stomach, try to avoid these 4 things

Introduction: In our current life, there are more and more patients with stomach diseases, and it is showing a gradual upward trend , and most of them are between the ages of 23 and 45.

People always say “ten people nine stomachs” in daily life

span>“, in fact, this sentence is not an exaggeration at all, and according to the relevant statistics of the “Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Stomach Diseases”, the incidence of gastric diseases in my country can be as high as 85.6%, the total number of people is about 126 million.

Although many Stomach disease symptoms are mild and will not cause any special trouble to your health, but they will tend to become more severe over time, and may even lead to more serious chronic stomach diseases. Such as gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, etc.

If you have not received effective treatment for a long time, it will easily affect the development of the disease The quality of life of patients, so in daily lifeneed to pay close attention to personal physical changes.

Once symptoms of stomach discomfort appear, you must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, and you must also Focus on conditioning. Don’t sit still and develop good living and eating habits, which is a very critical task for nourishing the stomach.

Stomach trouble

Irregular diet

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, many people’s diets have become irregular. Because people do not eat on time, it is easy to cause gastric acid secretion disorders And gastric mucosal atrophy, which will easily lead to indigestion, and overeating will easily lead to acute gastric dilatation.

drinking, smoking

Smoking and drinking can stimulate people’s autonomic nerves and excitement to cause excessive gastric acid secretion in the body, which in turn can easily induce gastric ulcer problems ,Even easily lead to gastric perforation and other diseases.

Mental tension and stress

Because the gastrointestinal nerves are also dominated by the brain nerves, When people always have mental tension and excessive stress, it will also easily lead to gastrointestinal plexus disorders, which will cause people to experience stomach discomfort, such as constipation, indigestion, abdominal pain , abdominal distension, etc.

Taking drugs that damage the gastric mucosa< /span>

Long-term use of some drugs is not easy to damage the gastric mucosa, especially indomethacin, aspirin, glucocorticoids, etc. If you have gastric mucosal bleeding, it may even easily induce gastric ulcers.

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Stomach is not good, not only stomach pain, but the body also has these manifestations

Frequent acid reflux

The hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach will Attaches to the food in the stomach, and destroys the pathogens that enter with the food.

Generally, gastric acid will be firmly locked in the stomach by the cardia and pylorus, but if the gastric cardia is loose, gastric acid will easily reflux into the esophagus,< /span>Especially when people bend over or lie flat, they are prone to severe acid reflux problems.

Palm turns white

< span>The stomach is the main organ for digestion and absorption, and it is also responsible for transporting nutrients. Once the function of the stomach declines and the nutrients in the body are insufficient,The poor circulation of Qi and blood will easily bring about Anemia problem.

In this phenomenon, the palm will appear white,< /span>In addition, the palm will be accompanied by regional whitening problems.

Bloating after meals

There is a strong sense of abdominal distension after eating,This is mainly a manifestation of food accumulated in the stomach.

This is generally related to insufficient gastric motilityFor patients with damaged gastric mucosa, they often have the problem of fullness after meals.


People with a bad stomach will often experience belching. Even through belching, it is difficult to expel the gas in the stomach, and the food stays in the stomach The longer it takes, the more likely belching will occur, and this problem is also closely related to gastrointestinal damage.

Can’t you eat “steamed buns” for stomach problems?

The most common staple food in the north must be steamed buns, steamed buns have a strong sense of satiety, Almost people eat three meals a day without the presence of steamed buns.

Steamed buns are rich in amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and a small amount of vitamins and Minerals, proper eating of steamed buns,can provide heat and energy to the body, and can also maintain normal physiological functions.

The reason why some people think that patients with stomach problems cannot eat steamed buns, because the main component of steamed buns is carbohydrates, which will be converted into glucose and stored in the body after they enter the human body.

When the sugar in the body reaches a certain level It will easily induce hyperglycemia, which will affect blood flow, thereby increasing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.It will also easily inhibit gastrointestinal motility and digestion.

In fact, the Prime Minister’s explanation is not correct, for patients with stomach problems, they can usually eat steamed buns. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pasta can bring about the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach.

For people with deficient intestines and stomach, it is good to eat pasta in moderation.Compared with other staple foods, it will be better Easy to digest and absorb.

Especially for patients with stomach problems, insist on taking a few tablets a day Baked steamed buns, The degree of activation in them can repair the damaged mucous membrane very well, so as to achieve the effect of nourishing the stomach.

Doctor reminds: If you want to nourish your stomach, try to avoid these 4 things


Coffee is rich in caffeine and a variety of oxidative substances. When these substances are mixed together, they will stimulate the braincentral nervous system and neurons to produce a certain degree of dependence and excitement.

In this way, the level of metabolic hormones in the body will stimulate the stomach, and the cells will produce a large number of , and it is easy to promote the continuous secretion of gastric acid.

Clinical high-incidence stomach diseases are all caused by a large amount of gastric acid secretion If you want to better maintain the health of your stomach, drink as little coffee as possible.

Greasy food< /p>

Greasy food is especially delicious, and many people eat three meals a day without greasy food,< span>Although this kind of food is delicious and easy to eat, eating greasy food often will not only easily lead to obesity,It will also easily affect the health of the stomach.

< strong>Fat and oil content in greasy food is very high. When the body cannot absorb these high-fat foods, it will easily accumulate in the body, soThe stomach naturally secretes more acid to break it down.

When there is too much gastric acid secretion, it will easily affect the function of the stomach and stimulate the gastric mucosa , leading to more serious stomach problems.


Pickled vegetables are a very common “food for dinner”, many people will get used to it when drinking porridge Or eat noodles with some small pickles, which can not only save cooking time, but also be very delicious with rice.

But pickles are not suitable for stomach patients,This It is because pickles will add a lot of salt during the pickling process.

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Pickles are also prone to produce nitrite after pickling, which can easily irritate the stomach Intestinal mucosa, which can cause gastrointestinal diseases, and even easily induce gastric cancer problems.

Alcohol and food containing alcohol< /span>

Drinking alcohol is not only bad for the health of the liver, but also affects the detoxification and detoxification function of the liver, And after alcohol enters people’s bodies, it will also enter the stomach.

So alcohol is a very stimulating drink, and it will be easy to drink after entering the stomach Stimulate the gastric mucosa.If a person drinks too much alcohol, it may even cause bleeding or gastric perforation.

So if you want to better protect your stomach, try to drink as little as possible Also stay away from foods that contain alcohol.

If you have a bad stomach, try these two “switches” for nourishing your stomach, massage often, your stomach will “thank you”

Weishu point

Point selection:< /strong>Weishu point is on the outer back, under the spinous process of the 12th thoracic vertebra, 1.5 inches away from the side.

Efficacy: Weishu is the backshu point of the stomach , proper massage of Weishu acupoint can bring two-way regulation effect on the stomach, and persisting for a period of time will help to improve the symptoms of stomach discomfort.

Zusanli Point

Acupoint selection: Zusanli point is located on the front edge of the tibia three inches below the knee joint, outward Measure an inch.

Efficacy: Zusanli point belongs to the stomach The lower jaw point can bring the effect of harmonizing the spleen and strengthening the stomach. Properly massaging the Zusanli point in daily life,It can well maintain the stomach and help improve chronic gastritis .

Conclusion: The health status of the intestines and stomach reflects a person’s physical condition. In daily life, we must develop good habits of nourishing and protecting the stomach, eat a reasonable diet, and exercise appropriately, so that we can take better care of our intestines and stomach.