The pathogenesis of psoriasis is very complicated, and clinical symptoms should not be rigidly adhered to

Psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, is a common chronic relapsing inflammatory skin disease. The basic lesion is erythema, papule, or multiple layers of silvery white scales on the plaque. Traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the categories of white fever, psoriasis, pine skin tinea, wind tinea, snake lice and so on. Psoriasis has been treated with traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, with definite curative effect, green and no side effects. Now share a case:

Wang, male, 62 years old, first visit on February 23, 2020. The patient developed scaly erythema on the trunk and extremities, and had severe itching for 2 years, which aggravated for more than 3 months. 2 years ago, a small piece of erythema and scales appeared on the side of the calf. Before 3 months, the rash extended to the trunk and limbs, with severe itching, and it was acceptable. Pale tongue, thin white tongue, deep and weak pulse. Card belongs to: psoriasis. Therapeutic principles: expelling wind and cold, warming yang and replenishing qi. Prescription: raw astragalus 30g, raw ephedra 10g, fry for ten minutes first, asarum 6g, first fry for ten minutes, make aconite 9g, first fry for half an hour, windproof 15g, cassia twig 10g, spatholobus 30g, angelica 15g, centipede 2 strips, 30g white fresh skin, 5 jujubes. Follow-up consultation after 14 days: rash subsides basically. The effect is not changed, and the original prescription of aconite is increased to 15g, 21 doses, decocted in water. Three examinations: the rash disappeared completely, and the color remained calm. Add sealwort 20g to the original prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, then add 14 prescriptions, decoct in water to deal with the aftermath.

Experience: The male in this case is over half a hundred years old, his yang energy has declined, his tongue is pale, and his fur is thin and white, showing signs of yang deficiency. It is also used as summer scabies in winter, which is caused by cold pathogens binding the surface in winter, dense skin texture, no sweat and dry skin, and it is difficult for yin and fluid to spread out to moisturize the skin. At the first diagnosis, Zhongjing Mahuangfuzi Xixin Decoction was administered to warm the yang and replenish qi, disperse the wind and cold outside, and agitate the air to rotate. In this example, if one uses habitual thinking and gives medicines for clearing away heat and cooling blood, it will definitely lead to aggravation of yang decline and sudden change of symptoms. ∨