Professor Wang Zhentao’s sharing of typical cases in the diagnosis and treatment of palpitations (480)

General condition:Patient Wang, female, 43 years old, Chinese , Zhengzhou people, drug allergy history: none. First visit on February 12, 2016.

Complaint: Paroxysmal palpitations, chest tightness for 1 year, and another 5 days.

History of present illness:Patient developed palpitations, chest tightness, and fatigue for 5 days without obvious cause, which were relieved after rest. , No drug treatment, Na can, poor sleep, two can. Pale red tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse. Past medical history: Denied other medical history. BP: 136/78mmHg, heart rate 82 beats/min, rhythm uniform.

TCM diagnosis: palpitations

symptoms Type: phlegm-heat disturbance, restlessness syndrome

treatment Method: clearing heat and resolving phlegm, calming the heart and soothing the nerves

recipe for initial diagnosis:< /span>

< span>Revisited on February 19, 2016:The patient complained that after taking the drug, the palpitations and chest tightness were relieved compared with before, and the patient was satisfied with sleep and sleep. In general, the two stools are adjusted, the tongue is red, the coating is thin and white, and the pulse is deep and thin. BP: 140/80mmHg.

Treatment:February 12th Clothes. 7 doses, decocted in water, one dose a day, divided into two warm doses.

Note:According to the patient’s symptoms, signs and related medical history, combined with tongue and pulse , Four diagnosis and ginseng, the disease belongs to the category of “palpitations”. Diagnosis of internal disturbance of phlegm-heat
Feeling restless, Fang chose Huanglian Wendan Decoction for treatment. This recipe has the effects of clearing the heart and reducing fire, resolving phlegm and relieving the middle, mainly used for phlegm-heat disturbances, heart palpitations, chest tightness, restlessness, insomnia and dreaminess. In the recipe, huanglian, turmeric, and lotus seeds can clear the heart and eliminate vexation; tangerine peel, pinellia, and Zhuru clear phlegm and heat; Poria, Fushen, Huixincao, and Acacia skin nourish the heart and soothe the mind; raw keel, raw oysters soothe the mind; Tea tree root clears heat and calms palpitations; Salvia miltiorrhiza promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis; Sophora flavescens and Gansong enter the heart meridian, have a bitter taste, can reduce energy and excrete, and modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that they have anti-arrhythmic effects; licorice harmonizes various medicines.